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Waiting for a new purchase to arrive...

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After a lot of toeing and throwing, I finally placed a deposit on a watch I have been pining for a long time... A Breitling Navitimer 01, 43mm with the bracelet. Definitely a Marmite watch (and brand) I know, but I am far too excited to get hold of it to care :laugh:

For me this is a big purchase, and not the sort of value watch I will be able to buy very often - which makes the wait feel all the more slow! They seemed to think it may be up to 2 weeks to get in.... How do you feel during the wait for a new watch, particularly if it is a special or grail watch for you? And is everyone as happy when it gets on their wrist as they hope to be? 

Was lucky to get a very good deal, and walked away with 26% of the MRRP and  also got a deployant clasp free as part of the deal (but no strap) - so I can choose to tone the bling down in the office a bit too. I love the look of a black croc, but the cost does hurt over a calf...

I didn't think that I would feel like a kid waiting for x-mas so much, so I hope it lives up to my expectations. I will try my best to do the obligatory pics on arrival, but I have exactly 0 clue what I am doing with a camera so don't expect a lot!

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Well I hope its a classic - I must say I went back and fourth on the bracelet... In pictures and on paper I think the croc looks the nicest - particularly with a suit that I wear to work every day. However every time I saw the bracelet in real life I just thought 'wow' that's stunning! My only reservation was that it may be a but flashy with a suit, but sod it your only here once!

I must say I hope it wont take 2 weeks - I ordered it on the 11th with a latest date in of the 27th, but it should only  be coming in from BUK, and it's a fairly common set-up I would think so I will be shocked if they don't have one on the shelf.

Toddy - please make sure you put some pics up too - I very rarely see Navitimers, but I think they are one watch every watch person should own. 

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I've had a Navitimer and would buy another.  The bracelet is a bit blingy but fits under suit cuffs well.  The black strap looks good with a suit as well.  A colleague at work has one and it's not that noticeable even on the bracelet.  Excellent watch in my opinion and a strong contender for a single watch collection. 

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Certainly a classic watch, Marmite or not .. :)  I've never owned one, yet, but have to say I love the look of it on a strap, as opposed to a bracelet but I suspect like many other brands, you're always better buying the watch on a bracelet first and adding a strap later, rather than the other way around, as it's by far the cheaper option...

Sorry to hear about the wait but that wait will disappear into obscurity once you get the watch, I look forward to seeing the pictures.. :thumbsup:


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waiting is the worst part!, but I can confirm a bracelet must be had with the watch, there have been threads on this , and consensus of option was always with, and add a strap later, and from personal experience with my chrono I have just got a pro 2 bracelet and am much happier as straps never looked substantial enough for the watch,but it cost a lot more to obtain after watch purchase than had I got one with it already on!

never have too much bling !!:laugh:

wait to see it when it lands


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  • 2 weeks later...

So had the call to say that it is shop earlier today... cue the slowest day of work ever! 

And then I get it... so much more stunning in real life than through the glass.  The controls are so silky compaired to some I have tried on. 


I will take more pics over the weekend but here is a quick couple.



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