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The Seven Ages of WIS


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1 minute ago, Roger the Dodger said:

No......'cos he's a tight arse.......:laugh::laugh:

Reminds me of Big M she's the same would rather hoard a load of cheap stuff instead of one or two more expensive items hence why she could probably open her own fully stocked branch of Primark. I even found some of her gear in my sock drawer.



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46 minutes ago, RWP said:

Doesn't feel like it today......I'll be living on crisps til the Boz gets back:yes:

My 'Boz' or 'er indoors' as I like to refer to my little piranha, is off to Hayling Island with the 'Millstone-in-law' on Sunday to see a 'Gay $hitty Rollers' tribute act.....good luck with that.....meanwhile , I shall be concocting my most fave, but normally banned, meal of corned beef hash....and I'm going to love it!...Yeah...Gettin!


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  • 1 year later...

I`m not quite sure where I fit in there :huh:

 I`ve been a member of this forum for 12 years & had been collecting watches for at least a couple of years before that. I can`t remember how many watches I currently own but it`s probably in the region of a couple of hundred, ranging from real cheapies to a couple of Rolex & Tudors plus a few Omegas, I also used to own a JLC. I am finally  cutting back on my purchases with only a few on my Under Consideration List :biggrin:

Edit- I forgot to mention that I am beginning to consider thinning the collection down,  a wee bit at least:tongue:


Mind you, I have been through other collecting interests & still have shelves of old cameras...




I also used to have a thing for collecting old HiFi (particularly Valve powered) as well as old motorcycles but thankfully I`ve fully recovered from those particular obsessions  sweatdrop.gif.8003fe36f94636431b389fc3f8dcfc96.gif :laugh:

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20 minutes ago, Ullevi said:

Excellent post @AVO :thumbsup:

I see myself between 3-4 at the moment.

By being forewarned, is it possible to skip a stage or two? :huh:

Haha, thanks, I have no idea. I went through 1-4 but 5 & 6 have sort of fused together in my case. The cull is happening slowly alongside the move upmarket. Except that the real rubbish went ages ago, and there wasn't much of it anyway. Standards, don't yer know!? :king:

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