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Bremont incoming

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Further to my earlier 'his and hers' thread, here's the lowdown on the new arrivals. The solo 37mm and the Martin Baker MB111 GMT.

It was just luck that took me to the store Where I discovered the 50% sale at this particular moment in time. Firstly, that we were in Bkk at all (I won't bore you with the reason) and secondly, that I took the opportunity to put my newly refurbished PO bracelet back on the watch, after it got badly damaged in a fall. But I'm sure they didn't really repair it and just gave me a new one instead, it as that's what it looks like. Cost for the 'repair' was £100 by the way.

So to get the bracelet put back on the watch, I decided to take myself off to the Omega boutique at Siam Paragon as that's where I took the bracelet into in the first places. So job done (gratis) by the way, I then took myself into the actual Department store to look at their 'watch galleria'. The main reason was to look for 24 hour dials on watches, which I have decided I fancied based on posts here and my target was Glycine. Another I have seriously been considering is the CW world timer.

I liked what I saw of the Glycine, but not so much the price, so that had pretty much made up my mind about the CW. Glycine are in a cabinet next to Bremont and I always look at Bremont. Which is when I eventually noticed the sale sign, having completely missed it at first. I tried a couple of the Boeing range on, but didn't really care for them and I also found their very lightness - it's titanium - off-putting. Apart from one model from the Americas cup range, with a ghastly red rubber strap and the Boeing range, the watches on sale, were the more established watches from Bremonts core collection .

I knew that this concession in the department store is run by Pendulum (http://www.pendulum.co.th/index.php), quite a prestigious AD, who are the sole representative for Bremont in Thailand. So leaving the department store, I called into their outlet in Siam Paragon, noticed the Bremont range consisted of the more recent collections which weren't for sale and found out that the sale was also taking place and limited to their concession in another Department store called Central.

So I made my way down there and had a great time, the sales assistant spoke good English and couldn't have been more helpful in letting me try on numerous watches and filling in gaps in my knowledge. I loved the 45mm black / white supermarine on a bracelet, but the depth of the watch was staggering, almost twice as deep as my 8500 PO, which I was able to compare. I would have preferred the 43mm, but they didn't have the black / white version. I liked the cream ALT1-C very much and the solo range, but a little too similar to my Blue U2, which I also bought from Pendulum. I also tried on and secretly knew that if I was going to buy anything, it would be the MB111. I just loved it. Everything was right for me, size, fit, comfort, balance, dial, the orange band, the strap and it was a GMT, which I haven't got.

I also saw the 37mm solo, which I knew Pam loved. There's a bit of history with Pam and this watch. Pam was already a senior manager with the company that owns Siam Paragon, Emporium and Emquartier shopping malls in Bkk - their three most prestigious stores, although not based in Bkk herself at the time of a watch fair at the newly opened Emquartier. I've mentioned on here before that these are just giant sales, but great places to visit. Now Pam is a bit of a power dresser at work, but out of work, she's a scruffy oik. She saw the watch at this fair and I commented favourably on it, but wandered off to look at something else, when I returned she'd moved away from the Bremont stand and I could see she was fuming. It seems the sales rep had decided she wasn't in a position to be serious about the watch, had let her look at it, but not to try it on. When I, as a mere farang turned up, that stance changed, but she didn't want to know and stormed off.

Now, Thais are fanatical users of facebook and Pam wrote of her experience that evening and whilst it didn't go viral, it took off having been shared widely, it had 1000's of hits and it seemed Pendulum found out about it, made some enquiries, realised Pam worked for the company and made representation to her boss. Her boss asked if she would remove the story, but she refused, but eventually an apology was received, her boss was still pressing her, after all the Pendulum are a significant tenant and being aware of the awkwardness of the situation, Pam relented and deleted the story. So, I really didn't know how she'd now feel about the watch, but time is a healer and when we returned to Central the next day (they had put the watch aside for her), she said that she still really wanted it. The payback is that we paid less for it than if she had bought it all those months earlier and no harm was done to her career either, as she has since been promoted and as a consequence, she will be based in Bangkok in future!

And the reason for the sale? I was told they are carrying too much stock, especially with newer ranges, or watches within current ranges, being introduced. Economically, Thailand is deservedly going through a rough time at the moment - think Generals and coups - so I guess spending on luxuries is down, apart from by the super rich, as everywhere.

Anyway, that's a lot of waffle, here's a few photos:




It's a tall watch for it's 37mm case!




For me, this was just too good an opportunity to pick up a couple of fantastic watches at an incredible price, as long as the watches were right. I'm a fan of Bremont in any case and already own the U2 Blue. I'd have regretted not taking advantage of this offer, but I would only have taken it up for the right watch. If nothing was to my fancy, I would have walked away.

So onto my watch! It's the Martin Baker MB111 GMT, 43mm case and as ever, all the technical bumph is readily available on the Bremont forum.

You get great packaging with Bremont.

Quality leather case.



The COSC certificate and hopefully a freeby (last time I got a luxury travel tag), come from Bremont in the UK separately, probably have to wait 2/3 weeks. In the meantime, I get this:


I've found the dial difficult to photograph.








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Love the Martin Baker, the pull handle on the second hand is a nice touch. I have one of the real things in the loft somewhere lol

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I had never heard of Bremont until my son made me watch The Kingsmen about a week ago.  Towards the end they show a Bremont with a white face.  I immediately googled the company to find that model.  It's my "white face fettish" I guess.   And yeah,  it's currently on my list of needs. 


Good score!  Both of them Caller! 

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Great write up buddy loving the white face with the rose gold colour of the hands and markers etc :notworthy:

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Very nice. The MB is a deep cased watch but a guy I work with gas one and it wears lovely. He let me have a play with it and it sits great even on my small wrists. Lovely catch. Enjoy.

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