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Hi all, I originally started searching for this particular watch as I have one and wanted to find out about it and can I get it going again. Firstly I thought it was over wound but their is movement but then it stops. The posts I came across said it needs to be cleaned and it should be ok but they are rare. So I want to find out How to get it done and obviously how much will it cost. Then another thread I read implied this type of watch had a small run, sold for a lot of money and had a lot of returns due to it failing.

The thread also mentioned a time period of the 60's and another thread brieflyy gave a quick overview of the Avia company.

If more info required please let me know.



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19 minutes ago, Always"watching" said:

Have you had a forum chat with Bruce or Scott (scottswatches) as they will certainly have an idea of what you should do and where you should go, Other knowledgable forum members are also available.:)

Hi Thanks for replying to my topic.

No  I have not heard from anyone.

For dating purposes (If this helps) My Grandfather passed away in 1962. So he would required this watch before then.


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Hi Afl

I have an Avia Adjustor too, i've not had it out in years so I can't say if it even still works or not, it did when I bought it though!


Just for the record, the 'overwinding' thing is a myth!

a spring will only wind until it's tight, ie, each coil laid tightly on to the next, go past this point and it will break!

99% of the time, these overwound watches are simply in need of a service, there is a very small amount of power that makes it to the pallet which drives the balance that a hair can stop it!!, if the watch needs a service then the shafts will be dry in the bearings causing more load on the limited power, also, the grease on the mainspring will have started thickening as it's drying with age so there's even less power at source due to 'stiction'!

They are marvellous little machines to actually perform in the first place! :thumbsup:


Regards, John :)





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Cheers John for taking the trouble to answer my query.

I will definitely need to get it serviced.

I believe my grandfather required it before 1962.

Due to its age I am not sure which place to take it to and how much as I would like to use it.


On ‎30‎/‎05‎/‎2016 at 21:13, johnbaz said:

It looks like yours is in better condition than mine :thumbsup:



John :)

Its nice to see another one of them.

I don't think my one has seen many daylights since 1962, hence its condition.

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