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Girard Perregaux woman's watch identifications

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Hi all and good to find you as I am new in the forum as well as the watch world in general.

I recently was given as woman's watch that used to be worn by my mother's aunt (now 90years old) who had little to do with brands but she would just buy what she liked. Now she remembers very few things and nothing related to the watch she gave to me.
So, as my knowledge is very limited to the horlogerie, I am posting here pics of her vintage Girard Perregaux ( I guess bought some time in the 60's perhaps in Switzerland as she used to travel a lot there and had Swiss friends - perhaps is a present given to her) hoping that you may be able to recognize the type. Perhaps you can estimate even its current price in the watch market?







Thanks a lot for your help.

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I don't know, pretty much, anything on the brand sadly but it indeed does look like a 60s watch and I can tell you that it's also a manual winding watch.

Since it has a stainless steel case back it's a gold plated watch and I believe some of it has chipped off on the lugs (as that's the place it usually does).

I can't tell much else from the pictures as they are not hi-res and I can't zoom in much to see what does it say on the case back.

Unfortunately, it has seen better days in the front as the dial has taken some damage so to speak. It most likely, at times, was stored improperly (humidity god inside) which caused some of the paint to chip off, although were it to get cleaned it would look slightly better. That crown is beautiful btw.

Also, I have a feeling that the hour markers/indexes/logo/hands are gold plated. Often times they used to be...

I can't tell a value as I don't know the brand but you could get it cleaned up and serviced professionally and it should look slightly better although I'm not sure about having the dial reconditioned as that probably requires someone with great expertise. They could just recondition the damaged areas or remake the entire dial (it's called redialing) but that would drastically drop the watch's value.

Also, keep in mind that ladies watches are cheaper and MUCH less collectable in case you were wondering.

Does it still run ?

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gimli, thank you very much for quick response the info you share. Your observations are correct except that the logo on the plate is not gold plated.
To be honest I have no idea how to wind it to check if it really works. However the crown can be pulled out and the rotate it both ways to adjust the time (dials turn perfectly).
I provide the link bellow of my shared dropbox folder should anyone is inteersted for high-res pics.


thanks again!

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Girard Perregaux is a brand that I like and admire, but with the damage on the dial that really is for spares only.  I have much better condition gold plated ladies GP's from £49 delivered and with warranty, and they are not selling.  Sorry to take the jam from your donut

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scottswatches, thank you for your info. The dial is fine (perhaps the pics do not show clearly the condition). The glass aslo is fine. It is the plate that has some damage. However with my little research online, your point of view and info seem to be correct.. so no jam and no donut... :-)
perhaps, is should check how much would take to repare it should my wife likes it and would like to wear it in the future.

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