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Repair guidance advice please

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I'm looking for a little guidance please.

I have a Montblanc sport Chronograph automatic which is about 5 years old. Something has happened to the stop watch, it is running constantly and the stop and reset buttons are not working at all. Other than that the watch itself seems to be working fine.

I have taken it into an MB dealer and they could not tell me what was wrong, but offered to take an extortionate amount of money off me to send it off for a service and repair. I am just wondering if there is another option to get it serviced and repaired at a more reasonable cost without risking damage to the watch?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - FYI I live in Surrey but work in London.




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Guest Bruce

welcome to the forum 

any decent watch maker should be able to help you for far less money than an AD

I am sure someone will have a recommendation for you down your way..just stay away from Timpsons :scared:


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Guest Bruce
1 minute ago, Chalkie said:

Thanks for the welcome.

Yeah I really don't want to hand it over to some 2 bit watch repairer, which is why I sought out this forum.


i am a little bit too  far north to advise you on whats down your way, but someone will know.

i have family in Surrey, Molesey to be exact and London, Bromley, Catford, Kent ..............................ect etc:biggrin:

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19 hours ago, Krispy said:

If you work in central London, I can recommend Alsal Watches (http://www.alsalwatches.com/) who are based at the end of The Strand, opposite the courts.

Welcome aboard!


So popped into Alsal this afternoon. Tim was really helpful and had a quick look but couldn't identify the problem, so they are going to have a proper look and let me know tomorrow whether it needs parts or just labour to fix and service.

Sounds like the cost is going to be at least £300, is this usual for this type of movement, and should I stick with Alsal or go for the manufacturers repair/service for another £100 or so?


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I couldn't answer for what the repair is worth (maybe some of the talented watchmakers on here could give you a rough idea of the what the problem / fix might be?) but I can vouch for Alsal in terms of the quality of their work and the fact they wouldn't rip you off.

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