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March of the Smarts: The Skagen Hagen Connected

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I apologise for bringing it up again, especially at Christmas, but I feel I would be derelict in my duty if I didn't occasionally update members on the smartwatch situation.

It would appear that the trend towards smartwatches is continuing to gain momentum, with the emphasis now being on watches that combine innovative technology with classic design, and as I tend to focus on smartwatches that come from established watch companies, I must inform the reader that new so-called "hybrid" watches have been launched by Armani and Skagen, with Michael Kors also in the arena with their Access Dylan Smartwatch. 

Armani and Michael Kors are seen more as fashion brands, so I will focus here on the new Skagen mode, the Skagen Hagen Connected. The new Hagen Connected brings together the wearable tech world and the world of conventional quartz watches in an aesthetically pleasing way, with the dial featuring "real" watch hands plus a "real" register to the left that indicates the wearer's number of steps in real time during the day. The technology behind the activity tracking elements of the Hagen are by Misfit, a company that has joined Skagen under the Fossil umbrella, and various parameters in daily activity such as sleep and even when to drink water, can be monitored.

Because its face to the world is conventional and analogue, following the minimalistic approach of Skagen watches in general, there is no digital display - connected notifications are displayed on the Hagen by means of the large register in tandem with a simple vibrating buzzer. In addition to the step counting feature, the single subdial is required for activating the date (which is displayed by means of the main dial), and for a means of differentiating between four chosen contacts on your phone, with coloured zones on the subdial each relating to a particular notification. The lettered points on the sub-dial are used for such things as pointing to the date, second time zone, and your alarm. This may seem to be a clumsy arrangement but the Hagen makes up for this perhaps over-complex analogue register display by being such an aesthetically pleasing timepiece.

When it comes to the other elements of the Hagen, the three buttons on the side of the case allow one to activate and customise various functions, in contact with the linked app and your smartphone. The buttons, one of which is for the Skagen Link app, function to display your activity progress and control the remote smart features of your smartphone such as taking a picture remotely, controllling music or switching to a custom time zone. With regard to time zones and timekeeping in general, the Hagen Connected has automatic time zone shift as well as auto time and date adjustment linked to the phone - these are adjusted automatically on the watch and there is no crown on the Skagen Hagen.

I am no expert in the new forms of phone technology, and my description  of the Hagen's connectivity and functions is not as substantial as it might have been. Clearly, the potential purchaser of this watch will look into these aspects more deeply. In terms of its qualities as an analogue timepiece with a physical display, I would give the Hagen a thumbs-up. Skagen have done a good job in the design of the watch and I rather like the large register. The Hagen is not as slim as Skagen's usual fare, and it has a case diameter of 42mm. Materials used are up to the usual Skagen standard and include titanium and steel, mineral glass and leather. For power, the watch uses a standard watch battery and will give four to six months use between battery changes. I note here that Skagen has gone to some lengths to improve the ease of replacing either the battery or strap, and the latter can easily be changed due to the quick release pins.

The Skagen Link app (compatible with iOS and Android) is apparently easy to use and the watch easy to set up. Notifications are limited, however, and the watch is not capable of all the functions found on more complex smartwatches. Nevertheless, as a stepping stone between conventional watches and the new world of smartwatches, the Skagen Hagen seems to be a sensible choice. However, in truth, I can neither recommend nor dismiss the Skagen Hagen Connected because as things stand at the moment, the bulk of my knowledge about watches ends where smartwatches begin, and I would not be confident enough to provide a firm conclusion to this review. The Hagen Connected costs about £195, which compares with £259 for the new Armani Connected, also a hybrid smartwatch with a large register on the dial



White dial version of the Skagen Hagen Connected hybrid watch (pic from wareable.com):




Skagen Hagen Connected with black dial and titanium case (pic from apparatusmag.files.wordpress.com):







Skagen Hagen Connected with steel case and mesh strap (pic from s7d2.fossil.com):




Rear view showing the relative thickness of this Skagen watch as well as the long slot for easy removal of the caseback (pic from i-cdn.phonearena.com):




The Armani Connected hybrid smartwatch (pic from juwelier-abele.com):


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Interesting Honour.......but I have enough trouble with my Smart Phone as it is.  I feel a right ******** shouting "OK Google " at it :tongue: .  So no smart, semi smart, or just a bit clever watches for me :thumbsup:


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I had a gander at the Skagen in House of Fraser: it's a bit big but quite elegant. Looks much better than most smartwatches. And by better, I mean it looks like a proper watch 

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