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Has anyone used "Watchgang"

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Just wondering if anyone has used Watchgang? (Or even heard of it!) I've done a search on the this forum and no results have come up!

I am very tempted to join, I have read up on reviews and I have watched several "unboxings" on YouTube. Most of the reviews have been very good, and it seems to be popular/up and coming.

For anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about...

FROM $25 a month (annual subscription) you receive a watch a month... It could be a "cheap watch" which Watchgang have teamed up with such as So&Co fashion watch, but it could also be a mid-range watch, also users have reported Seiko/Citizen/Swatch/Nixon/Casio in their unboxings. There's old and new watches, automatic and quartz, bracelet and leather bands... such a huge variety! You get to keep the watch you receive (it's picked at random for you) you can cancel your subscription at any time.

If you don't like the watch you receive, you can post it on the watchgang swap shop Facebook page or on a forum on their website...

Every Friday ONE lucky member will receive a Rolex! 

What do you think about it? I like the idea.. have any members used it?

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I don't have any experience of them but it sounds like a bad bet in my opinion.  Perhaps it is a way for them to get rid of old stock or stuff that doesn't sell but even if not there are so many preferences with watches that there is a strong likelihood of receiving something not to your taste.  Aside from that I just can't see it being a good value proposition, such arrangements are normally quite profitable for those that run them.  

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They have 3 subscription levels $29.99, $99.99 and $299.99, offered at monthly or quarterly. You are guaranteed to get a watch up to 5x your subscription cost.

They also have a wheel spin system. You can purchase points and use them on different tier wheels. For each wheel you select which watches you like from each tier and then spin. 82.5% chance to get the lowest tier, but a very slim chance to get a Rolex or other “grail” tier watches.

In addition to that, they also do giveaways several times a week. TAG Tuesday, wheel point Wednesday, Rolex Friday and Seiko Saturday. These draws include all members with an active subscription.

I have received 4 watches so far, 3 from $50 wheel spins, each watch I got retails for $175 or more. I also got the $29.99 quarterly subscription and received a pretty nice watch that retails for $130.

members also get access to an online exchange community where you can trade/sell watches with other members. Which is a great solution if you’re not happy with the mystery watch in your subscription.

if you don’t like a surprise stick to the wheel and you can consistently get nice watches for a fraction of their retail value


i hope this is more helpful that all the negative feedback by people who have never even used the service!

If anyone decides to give it a shot feel free to use my referral link below and we both get 50 points free when you sign up ($25 value).




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Interesting that a brand new member spotted this thread for his first post :yes:


Sounds fun if you can afford to treat it as “pin money”. But worth bearing in mind that there is no such thing as a “free lunch”, so the watches must be stock the manufacturers want rid of (or it’s a Ponzi scheme). And, of course, there must be a small credit risk on the solvency of the operation.


Not for me, but if, as I assume, you can stop paying at any time, not that great a risk. Possibly better odds than the lottery.

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On 09/02/2019 at 12:06, GASHEAD said:

Probably good fun if you like different watches and are not too fussy what you get, but not really for more serious collectors.

This exactly.

I'm way too picky with watches, I'd hate every and any quartz they sent me and most of the autos too.

No thanks thanks. I've told then this much every time I see one of their ads pop up on my Facebook profile. It's fun to piss off their fashion watch wearing clientele.

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Something I've learned buying a bunch of random crap every month, is that if I could keep my wallet in my pants for a few months, I could have bought something rather lovely that would have lasted many many more, but instead have bought, sold, given away or discarded a motley collection of things that grabbed my interest in the short term.

Watchgang smacks of the sort of self-indulgent short termism I'm sadly afflicted with :huh: No hate, you do you, but how many £300 watches do you need?

(anything with Seiko or Orient wrote on it is exempt. Obviously! :tongue:)

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Orient. Oriemt is the mysterious knockoff brand spoken of in hushed whispers by those who know.
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Watchgang sounds like those book clubs that would send you a "luxury bound edition" of some unreadable literary masterpiece every month until you found a lawyer who could get you out of the agreement.

I've bought my share of random crap since I've been here, but it's my selection of random crap. I suspect that if I'd pooled all that money and bought something really lovely, I'd be happy with it for about a week, until the next shiny bauble caught my eye.

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Watchgang or any watch subscription money making scheme should be avoided at all costs. Sure one lucky member will receive a used Rolex Datejust worth a couple of thousand dollars very month. But....... and its a huge but . The watches you will receive will be total crap from mostly unrecognised companies . They say the retail price will be at least 5 times the amount you pay but whose retail price are they talking about I think some ludicrously high made up figure. And try selling this junk on their swap site or Facebook.  They buy them cheap because no sod want them..

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Was thinking about getting Watchgang subscription at the highest tier with the 25% off code I got - magna25 - if anybody is interested. I know you can join Facebook groups and what-not to trade watches you don't want. Has anybody had success with this? Is the time and effort in trading a watch you don't want worth the sub price even with a discount?

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On 11/02/2019 at 23:59, spinynorman said:

.......those book clubs that would send you a "luxury bound edition" of some unreadable literary masterpiece every month.........


In glorious Skivertex, if memory serves......

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