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"Rock me Amadeus" After the Hype has Gone

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(pic from images.bidorbuy.co.za)



Some time ago, I purchased a boxed and unused all steel Amadeus watch in a collector's market, not knowing anything about the brand but liking the general quality of the piece and its rectangular shape. I looked up the brand, briefly, and discovering that Amadeus are one of those "taboo" brands with watch afficianados, I didn't think much more of it. However, I have now come across another Amadeus for sale, a pre-owned all steel chronograph with three-registers, white dial, blued hands, rectangular case and stainless steel bracelet. This watch is substantial in build and feels surprisingly nice in terms of quality. The water resistance is 50 metres, which for a general rectangular quartz watch isn't bad - the steel caseback is attached to the case by four small screws at the corners. The only irritating thing about the watch, apart from the price, is that it does not include a date feature.



The steel quartz chronograph by Amadeus identical to the example described here above (pic from thumbs.worthpoint.com):




I have done a bit more research into Amadeus but I have not learned much that is new to me. According to one source, Amadeus watches were made by Zeon (Tech) and, along with a number of other no-no brands, they were initially sold through television auctions. The initial prices quoted for the watches were ludicrously high, and it was down to the public to bid or leave, as the price steadily fell. I am not an expert at how these television auctions were or are organised, but watch brands that are associated with over-the-top RRPs and subsequent TV auctions have never had a good press.

Interestingly, some of these watches turn up new for sale in various venues and retail sites, and one particular website is still offering timepieces by a number of these off-piste watch brands, including Amadeus. Strangely, the site doesn't seem to have learned that the ridiculous initial or RR prices were or are just that - ridiculous, and I do wonder how many sales are made through that site. I have decided not to name the site here, not because their wares are all rubbish or overpriced, but because it is not my practice to advertise on the forum, especially when I myself have not used the site and have no other evidence about it.

I am not exactly sure of the dates for Amadeus watches, but I believe that they are no longer in production. In my opinion, Amadeus watches are pretty decent timepieces, once the hype has been removed and one can see through the nonsense. Indeed, there are bargains to be had, with pre-owned and NOS examples doing the rounds for not  much money. The pre-owned chronograph I am looking at has a price to me of just under £40, which is too much for me and doesn't fit in with my reduced buying schedule. Nevertheless, it is a well-made watch with a lovely dial and hefty stainless steel bracelet, and if it fails to sell then I might pick it up for less.

In conclusion, I would suggest that in the case of brands that have a dubious character, always examine any potential purchase before shelling out money or deciding not to buy. Sometimes, you may find the pieces by these brands are just not good quality, but sometimes the watches are surprisingly good and even rather handsome - just pay what you honestly think the watch is worth and not a penny more. In the case of Amadeus watches, I would ignore those that are not cased in stainless steel - sometimes gold plated - and I would expect to pay between £20 and £30 for a simple timepiece with date, from pre-owned in excellent condition to boxed and never used. Gents chronographs (and calendar watches) are a bit pricier, and my limit would be £45 for a really good example, hopefully boxed and mint.



Amadeus rectangular steel quartz wristwatch (pic from everydayshop.co.uk):





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3 hours ago, Daveyboyz said:

One would pressume the top design is a homage to the Cartier Tank Francais.  

I think I'll stick with Cartier.

50m WR isn't worth putting on the dial. Don't shower in it. And "Quartz" on the dial...what's that about?

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