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Fixing Old Timex Quartz

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I just acquired this nifty old Timex quartz. It's working, but it has some problems and I'd love some advice on what to do.

First, I had to struggle a bit to remove the old battery. When I inserted a new one, it wouldn't stay in place. It kept popping out. I finally held it in the best I could and quickly screwed on the caseback to hold it into place. Is there a trick to getting the battery to stay in place?

Then I noticed the second hand would periodically pause for a 1-3 seconds. Sometimes it even goes backward by a second. I watched it for a while and I'm not able to discern a solid pattern. But it seems to stop and start near the top of the hour more often than at other positions. If I let it go for a while, the watch will eventually stop. What might cause this?

I thought I'd take out the movement and see if there's a problem with the way the hands are attached, but I can't figure out how to remove the stem. Anyone know how?

If I need to replace the movement, does anyone know what type this is and/or whether I can replace it with a modern movement (or an old one salvaged from another watch)?





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32 minutes ago, brummie1875 said:

This looks to be the same model watch but alas the picture of the back is not very close. I suppose @Dave098 could ask the question or perhaps get a better photo of the movement from sellers?


Yup, that's the model. Here's a more detailed photo of the movement:



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I pulled out the movement, removed the hands, used the blower to clean the pinion, and replaced the hands. No luck. The second hand still stops and starts.

At this point, I presume the best option is to replace the movement. But I don't know how to identify the movement and/or a modern replacement. Here are a couple of photos of the movement with all of the markings noted. The only number I see is 807 (which appears in the battery compartment).

I don't have a caliper to get the precise height and pinion measurements, but the body of the movement is 21mmx24mm.

Any help would be appreciated!



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Movement is TIMEX own - Made by Philip in the Pines - - he has a large shed there where he made these up! :whistle:

Sorry I don't "do" these modern fangled Quartz things, so can't help really, but the easiest fix would be a new (or NOS) movement, however where from would be the problem. :tumbleweed:

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