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Incoming - TW Steel #7 joins the collection!

Davey P

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This one has taken a while to sort out, but I got there in the end... I bought a brown TW Steel Maverick a few months ago, and as soon as it arrived I instantly bonded with it.  Sometimes you just know when a watch feels "right", and in this case I loved everything about it straight away, and almost immediately wanted another one in a different colour... :yes:  Fast forward to today, and that's exactly what has happened :laughing2dw:

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the mighty TW Steel Maverick:


The size is relatively modest by TW Steel standards at approx 44mm, but the crystal extends close to the edges so it wears bigger than that.  The weight is near perfect, fairly substantial on the wrist, but not so heavy that it feels uncomfortable or top-heavy.  The case finish is mostly brushed, with only the screw-down crown having a shiny finish.  The sandwich dial is black this time, and the numbers are luminous.  The strap has a nice vintage look, and is nice and soft straight out of the box, with an excellent quality signed clasp.  I might swap the straps over, because the brown dialed version's strap is a bit darker, so that might suit the black dial better.

Anyway, here are the twins:


The reason this took a while to sort out was because the price kept changing, and I wasn't prepared to pay more than the previous version I'd bought, for basically the same model.  I've  kept an eye on it since before Christmas in various online shops, and yesterday I noticed it had been reduced on Amazon to a price I was happy with, so I pulled the trigger.

To say I am bloody chuffed to bits would be an understatement :yahoo:

As always, any comments - good or bad - are welcome.


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I'm not generally a massive fan of TW Steel as I find them too big, but that looks good. Liking the sandwich dial, lume and legibility. For me it could lose the date window completely and not be the worse for it. Strap looks good too. I'd be interested to see them both when you've swapped the straps over, as I think the swap over will suit them. Enjoy :thumbs_up:

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On 1/11/2018 at 20:36, Littlelegs said:

Strap looks good too. I'd be interested to see them both when you've swapped the straps over, as I think the swap over will suit them. Enjoy :thumbs_up:

I've swapped them over now, so the darker one is on the black dial and the lighter one is on the beige dial:


Looks much better to me, and I'm surprised they aren't sold like that as standard.  In fact, I'm surprised there isn't a black strap offered, which would look awesome :yes:

I took the opportunity to remove the extra strap keeper loops from them, because the spare end part of the strap isn't very long, and is held nicely just by the fixed loop.

I'm very VERY happy now :yahoo:

Oh, and for completeness in this little story, here's a quick pic of the buckle, which is also awesome:



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Well, my first two TW Steel watches arrived yesterday. They certainly look great and feel like good value. The mechanical watch comes in at about 190 grams. Both have stainless straps and are a nightmare to resize. They have sleeved pins which are a real pain to get out. It took me about 40 minutes to resize the quartz watch, and then I noticed it didn't work. I carefully replaced the battery and all was well. Not something you expect of a new one. I noticed when the back was off that it is made in China, which doesn't bother me, buy may bother some. All in all very happy

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