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Bizzare IWC chrono fault

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The watch seems to have been fixed this time.  Very accurate too; a small fraction of a second per day.

Actually i have had very pleaseant experiences with iwc. Incase your issue ever returns I will suggest send your watch to them. Just like any other big brand they are not going to quote the price upfr

hi, as someone who services these day in day out its most likely I'm my opinion to be either magnetism or a sticky balance spring, the latter seems more likely as this would explain the intermittence

Yes it looks just like new and I have a 2 year warranty on it.

It will have to go back to IWC though because (on a better measurement) it gains about 8 seconds a day.

The lesson is: never spend more than a couple of hundred quid on a watch!

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What a interesting story...

I hope I am wrong, but I guess that the problem will reappear again, sooner or later…

Next time tell the one, who will service the watch, this:  He should lift the hairspring until it touches the balance bridge. I believe that the outermost coil will remain stacked to the bridge and the movement will start to go faster – this is the wrong situation… If I am right, the watchmaker must demagnetize the bridge… But, this means to disassemble all parts of it – stud holder, regulator, etc., and demagnetize all steel parts separately. If demagnetizing all together, sometimes no demagnetizing is happening at all…

Sorry I red the story just today, if I did few months earlier, It could save you about 2k…

Good luck!

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I just randomly popped in a year later...

Very interesting post by nevenbekriev above. Didn't see it last time. But also I don't know a watchmaker who would do such a job.

I also see one of the mods removed my comment above that I would sell the watch :)

Perhaps surprisingly it has been working for the past year, no problem. Worn 24/7/365, survived 2 ski trips, lots of off road biking. My guess is that IWC must have demagnetised the parts. They do claim to take the watch completely to bits and check each part.

They never communicated in any way whatsoever regarding anything specific to the watch; a weird corporate policy which is the complete opposite of their ultra smooth posh image where they send you standard letters with phrases like "thank you for trusting us with your timepiece" :) It's clear the staff are not allowed to make any comments on a particular customer's watch, report what they fixed, etc. Only if they are charging for something, like the "cracked" case, will they say anything.

I did pop into a number of watch shops asking how much they would offer, and it was always about 50% of the Ebay prices. The problem with Ebay is that you can get scammed so easily. So I am keeping it. But I would never buy such a watch again, and neither would anybody who I have told the story to. I am sure people who buy e.g. Rolex get the same situations. A friend who has a collection of IWC watches says Yes this is normal; you budget for £500/year in maintenance.

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