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Vintage Electric (and quartz) watches : leave them running or "hack" them, stop them when not worn ?

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Hi everyone,

I have a few vintage electric watches (a couple quartz) of different types, that I manage to wear each only every month or 2.

Anybody knows if it is reccomended leaving them ON, running all the time or in "pause" mode, crown pulled out (Hack) ?

I have left them until today in pause but a few of them ran into issues when re-started (i.e. Accutron, Timex, Hamilton 500).

To give you an idea I have a Accutron 218 (1973), an Hamilton cal 500 (1958), a Hamilton cal 505 (1962), a Timex 1962 (Model 67/Laco 861, Durowe), a Tissot Tissonic 1973 (Cal 9162), an Eterna-sonic 1969 (Cal 9142) a Certina Quartz 1972 (cal ETA 9181), an Eterna Executive Quartz 4000 1976 (Cal ETA 940.111)

any advice ? just leave them on and when the battery is depleted change it ?  thanks in advance,



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I hack my hummers (if they allow it) when not in use partly to save battery and mostly to quieten the god awful racket. I have occasionally woken up thinking I had tinnitus or had been attacked by a plague of mosquitos until I realised where the whine was coming from.

There was a memorable quote seen on here a while ago, posted possibly by Paul or Roy, I forget,  which likened the noise to skeletons involved in something unsavoury in a biscuit tin. I can't quote them directly you understand, this is a family show.

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best to not have them run and cause wear to parts. if stored for long periods of time the battery should be removed just in case of battery leakage.

Some need a little shake to get the balance to swing on start up.  This is very common with the model 67 and the 84.  Even the Timex "electric", "dynabeat", and "electronic"


here is my factory exhibition back set with clear plastic back - one of two known to exist! -  Acquired from the estate of former Timex engineer that worked in the battery operated division back in the 1960's and 1970's.



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with electric and quarts watches,  one needs to know which ones "switch off the power" when the stem is snapped out.  on early timex electrics,  you should remove the battery when in storage.  vin

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