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Nearly bought a new watch yesterday!


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I got back from Bangkok later than thought. Plan to post more pics on this tomorrow and my trip to the wonderful AP exhibition in Bkk.

But have to show this. Just look at my flower! Long story about this plant, that I have nurtured from near death. I couldn't believe when I got back that it had actually flowered. Chuffed as anything.


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I suspect that Mido's Multifort Escape is very much a marmite watch. At least in the colour range I chose. But the colour combination has been an ongoing attraction to me, with a darker green dial and a lighter green or light coloured strap. I have bought 3-4 similar watches over the years. I can't tell you much about them, they all fell by the wayside and were generally cheap (I was going to say crap, but as one was a Timex, I didn't want to upset anyone :biggrin:). 

So when I saw this latest version, I was immediately interested, but needed to see it in the flesh. That was easy, as Mido is a popular brand in Thailand and widely available, usually at concessions in the watch sections of large shopping malls - I just checked, there are 20 such outlets in Bangkok alone.

I have borrowed the technical details from Monochrome - 

  • Case: 44 mm x 11.88 mm – PVD-coated steel – Sapphire crystal with double-sided AR coating – transparent caseback – water resistant to 100m
  • Movement: self-winding Mido calibre 80 (ETA C07.111 – based on ETA 2824.2) – Ø25.60 mm – 21,600 vibrations per hour – power reserve 80 hours – 25 jewels – hours, minutes, seconds and date
  • Strap: calf skin with pin buckle
  • Reference: M032.607.36.050.00

The case material will either be liked or not. It's a PVD coated 'distressed' gun metal grey over 316L SS and I really like it in this colour combination. Actually, I really like it in any case! Not mentioned above, but it has a domed crystal as well. So for me, the bottom line is the colour combo works, I like the Geneva stripes, which is a feature of the Multifort range of watches in any case, I like the case size, the incredible clarity and the strap is very comfortable, suede effect and quite soft leather, that tapers from 23mm at the lugs to 20mm at the buckle and I like the prominent non-locking crown. The watch comes with a 2-year warranty. 


But it's the Geneva stripes that makes this watch and the way the light plays on the dial, giving it so many different appearances. Sometimes the stripes are a prominent bright green, at other times they are barely visible, sometimes they can't be seen at all and the dial looks brown and other times black. But at all times, the numerals on the dial and the hour and minute hands are clearly legible. However, the seconds hand sometimes disappears and you have to look for the small white triangle to place it. 


I haven't got any lume pics yet, but the hands are very bright, even brighter than the Seiko I was comparing it to on my bedside table. However, the numbers aren't as bright as the hands, although still clearly visible, but not as bright as the markers on my Seiko. But easily good enough for me to read without needing to bring the watch nearer. So no issues there. 


On the flip side, my issue with Mido watches is the physical size of the movement when compared to the actual watch size and that is the case here as well, but not too noticeable, as it doesn't have a day window as well. The placement of the date window and the fact it is the same width as an individual stripe, means it is quite discreet, although I would have preferred a colour coded window, or none at all. The bottom line is that it's not an issue for me, decided after having the watch on my wrist 3 times before purchasing. 


So for me, this is a great purchase. It's a watch / strap combo I am very comfortable with and is the ultimate casual watch that goes colour wise, with my usual mix of blues, blacks, browns, Khaki and olive type greens. I just know this watch is going to get a lot of wear. Incidentally, 2018 is Mido's 100th anniversary. Pretty good going really.


The packaging was what you would expect at the price point. A good size, very solid well put together box with a compartment under for the papers. 


So onto some pics, first the packaging. When I opened the inner box, the watch dial had been covered with the cleaning cloth as extra protection. Although the watch remained in it's 'slot' during the journey back to the condo in Bangkok and then via train, bus and taxi, when I returned to Hua Hin yesterday. 


Outer box.



Inner box.



Where the paperwork sit's under the inner box.



A snug fit.




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Next up is the dial, in it's many guises.






Some close up dial shots. The small orange numbers act as a nice colour contrast.




Next up is the case. Bearing in mind these are close up shots, but I can imagine this will be a deal breaker for some.







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Might as well continue with the crown. It's more prominent than the norm, but fits well with the overall design of the watch. I like the 'applied mido' that sits on top!





Onto the case back.


The engraving around the display window isn't always clear to see, depending on the angle viewed.




The strap and buckle.







I'm between hole 3 & 4 now. 3 is silly loose, 4 is slightly tight, but the strap is so soft, it's okay. A little more wear, and it will be a perfect fit.


And the domed sapphire crystal.


Thinking about it, I think a better description for the case would be 'industrial', it has that rawness, as if stripped to the bone.  

As stated, I'm very happy with this new piece. Nowt fancy, just a nice interpretation on a theme, with quality materials. It's also my 4th watch with a green dia. I like green! 


However, I keep thinking that this would make a great watch in bronze. So played around with the colour a bit.


That's it's!

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Great pics and review, thanks. These are the kinds of threads I like to see!  For me, a green strap would be overdoing it, calling attention to the dial. An earth tone like they've provided, or maybe a grey or other neutral color that complements the case would be better, and let the green dial do its magic without anything calling attention to it. Just my taste, not critiquing yours. 

So all the Multiforts have this patterned dial? Hard to tell on Amazon from their pics. 

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13 minutes ago, Chromejob said:

So all the Multiforts have this patterned dial? Hard to tell on Amazon from their pics. 

Not exclusively, but most of the ones I have seen in Thailand have Geneva stripes on the dial. There is a Mido USA website, check it out.

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On ‎10‎/‎06‎/‎2018 at 23:37, WRENCH said:

There's one left on Amazon UK. :yes:

Quite tempting too. I do like the green one, and this;


I just looked at Amazon UK and the price I have seen of 663.69 is significantly more than I paid. Well, I haven't paid yet, the other half used her credit card, so I have until the end of the month. At the moment the exchange rate is very low, hopefully it will go up a little by then!

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5 hours ago, ZenArcade said:

One thing I do notice is it doesn't appear too big in spite of its 44mm size. 

I think the large numbers and contrasting colour of the chapter ring play a part in that, as does the bezel, which is quite wide. I think how the watch sits on the wrist makes a difference as well and maybe the lug design, I don't know? But this watch sits very flat on my wrist and not all of my watches do. It's dwarfed by my PO, which is only a mm bigger, but looks huge in comparison. So I think a few things combine together to make it appear a little smaller than it really is. 

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