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Cheap but More than Just Cheerful: Two Limit Watches

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 As a long-term fan of Limit watches, I thought I would just show a couple of models that I have in my collection. I have been collecting pre-owned and modern Limit watches for a number of years, including the mechanical models and the later quartz varieties. Recently, I have been downsizing my collection generally and have disposed of many of my Limit watches, either to charity or sale. However, I still have the nucleus of my collection and have retained the two models discussed in this topic.


The first model I show (ref: 5465.01) here is this one, where Limit has created a handsome watch from materials that might sound unpromising. I apologise for the picture, where the dial colour seems to be a bit "bleached" out - in reality, the green dial version has a good deep green colour, and the khaki dial version is also nicely coloured. The 45mm case is made from matt black plastic, but looks and feels better than it sounds, and the strap is a substantial and comfortable silicon example with black metal buckle. The watch has a flat mineral crystal and is water resistant to 50 metres. The caseback is stainless steel and the movement a Japanese quartz.

I very much like the overall design of this watch, including the subtle circular date window at 6 o'clock. The hands and dial markers are particularly nice in my opinion, and what is more surprising is that the lume is pretty good. This model is still just about available although Limit has now changed its logo somewhat and moved on to newer models. The original price was £29.99, but the watch can be bought from Goldbar Jewellers for £24.99, which has to be a bit of a bargain. I am wearing my example today, and it does not wear like a cheap watch (pics from goldbarjewellers.com and images-na.ssl-images.amazon.com):







My second model is something a bit special. Limit analogue chronographs seem to be as rare as hen's teeth whether from the mechanical standpoint or quartz, and in fact, the watch I show here below is the only Limit analogue chronograph I have ever seen. I reckon that I was lucky to find one in excellent condition. I am not exactly sure when this model was current but my gut feeling is that it was launched in about 2010 - the "Limit" wording on the watch is the traditional form, prior to the recent change. Fortunately, Amazon have retained a picture of the watch although it is no longer available, and I certainly never saw it for sale in any Limit outlet I visited.

This model (Ref: 5221.25) features a Japanese chronograph movement with three chrono registers measuring down to one second and a date window at 3 o'clock. The silver dial is really lovely, using layering where the chrono registers are set in and does not look like something cheap. The whole design of the dial has a retro quirkiness that is not over the top, and is nicely set off by the polished metal bezel. The 39mm watch case is a combination of polished and matt chrome over base metal, and the buttons are neat and small. The watch has a flat mineral crystal and 30 metres water resistance, and the strap is black rubber.

I must admit that is one of my favourite Limit watches. OK, it isn't stainless steel, but the quality of the fit and finish is very good. If it was fitted to a quality leather strap, the watch would give many more expensive quartz chronographs a run for their money in terms of appearance (pic from images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com):




When collecting Limit watches, I have come to know the particular design characteristics that tend to mark out the brand. In other words, Limit might be an inexpensive watch brand, but it has been allowed to have its own identity, even within the Time Products Group, and that has led to some rather nice watches being produced  of perfectly decent quality. There is some overlap, price-wise, with Sekonda, the middle brand within the Time Products Group, but Limit still maintains its own honest presence as a genuinely interesting low-price watch brand.

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Thanks for your positive reaction to this little topic, dear David, which I have just spotted. I must apologise for the poor pictures - when I looked again at the topic as posted, I see that the picture of the Limit chronograph is a bit blurred, in addition to the pics of the other watch also not being of the best. These pics don't do justice to the watches, and in this case, I wish I was adept at photography myself as I do have examples of these models in my collection.:(

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I like the first one, its quite understated and it would make a good holiday watch in my opinion, and at 20 odd quid although you wouldnt want to lose or damage it, if you did you wouldnt stress over the fact....yes i`d definitely wear that!

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