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Can one know little to naught and still love?

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First I would like to say, it has been very nice looking around your message board and reading the immense information and viewing a lot of fine watches.

I've reached the conclusion it would be appropriate and polite to join as a member. I hope to be of some use, if possible. If just for someone to discuss watches with.

My name is Alex and started acquiring watches when I was around 10yo. Primary sources were/are flea-markets, yard/garage/driveway sales, antiques stores, and outdoor markets. I had never bothered to learn a great deal about my watches, and I generally lack focus with anything I collect. I intend on rectifying this problem. :)

I do antiques restoration at an antique store near where I live. Furniture is my specialty; wood-work, veneer work, structural and cosmetic work. However, with that said, I do occasionally work on items not related to antique furniture. 

Anything from antique pocket watches to modern big-case watches, and anything in between, have sparked my interest. Time pieces fascinate me to a great extent. I have always been abnormally obsessed with time. You willl likely never see me without a wristwatch on or pocket watch in my pocket.

The only watch I have in the collection that doesn't run is the Omega Constellation Chronometer. It is my luck that the Constellation was one of my dream watches and the mainspring broke soon after I bought it. Oh well, perhaps at some point I will be able to send it to Omega for a repair and spa treatment.:)

Anyhow, my primary objective in joining the site is, learning as much as I can about the watches I have and watches I'd like to have. 

Thank you very much for accepting my request to join and am looking forward to reading some more of your great information and data.

And, so you won't need to ask, here are some not-so-great photos of my watch collection. :)

Please forgive the poor images. I have a ruptured Achilles tendon in my left leg, which makes getting up and down somewhat arduous at best. Hopefully I will recover soon enough to take some nicer images of the watches.

It appears as if my assertion that the photos would follow the post was wrong. Hopefully it is fine the way it is. :)

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Welcome aboard and what a great collection! Great to see the Hamiltons and Bulovas!!

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Welcome Alex, I like you already. Nice collection you have there (although I did spot a russian watch, I think; shame!).

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Welcome to the mad house, won't be long before you are cajoled/encouraged/told it is your duty to vastly increase your collection and empty what's left of your bank account......NURSE....................

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Many many thanks for the warm reception! :)

This site is definitely a treasure trove of excellent information for a wide array of watch-types.

I fully understand the empty bank accounts. If there is money in my bank account or pocket, that means I practice the alchemy of turning money into watches. :laughing2dw:



I have to admit the situation, regarding USSR/Russian made watches, is of more severity than you have observed. There are five of them in the collection. Well, since there are two of the same model(Vostok Amphibia), there are four unique models. When I discovered them for sale at the store I work at, I admittedly could not pass on the chance to have some examples of Russian horological-history.

As I mentioned previously, with a lot of honesty, I lack focus in my collecting. This does have a positive side-effect. As many of you have noted, the collection has developed into a diverse assortment. :)

It is great to know there are others out there who enjoy the timely hobby/enthusiasm of watch collecting. Thank you for that!

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