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Beautiful Scotland


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They must be a pretty fit crew then, especially with the gear they need as well.

In the dim and distant past, a few of us used to drive down to Wales From London on a Saturday, to climb Cadair Idris, or march around the Brecon Beacons. It was quite hard walking to complete treks in the timescale we had - and that was carrying nothing heavier than a packed lunch.

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19 minutes ago, WRENCH said:

I'm just away to get my trunks on. :laughing2dw:

Gullane, today, 17.05.


That's more like it instead of the previous photoshopped stuff of Scotland already posted, got caught out today as well, left work in glorious sunshine, shorts on, top down then it tipped it down. 

One rather wet Bond & Beemer interior. 

When I turned up at the flat and she saw me pull up Big M came out with her now famous and well used comment. 


:laugh: :laugh:

Give me a couple of weeks in the Canaries any time. 






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I haven't been to Scotland since I was a small boy, when we used to visit my mother's Aunt and Uncle. They lived in Kircaldy, Fife and I remember the beautiful walks we used to go on, and climbing 'Largo Law', a large hill in the neighbouring village of Largo. They eventually moved to Bearsden just outside Glasgow, which had the reputation of being, (if Wikipedia is to be believed) and I quote..."Bearsden was ranked the seventh-wealthiest area in Britain in a 2005 survey and has the least social housing of any town in Scotland."

Her Uncle was called Dr. Donald McDonald and was one of the local practioners.

Largo Law 001.jpg

I've wanted to take 'er indoors there and the Lake District (also stunning) ever since we met, but she's like Bond and will only go where the sun is.......:(

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Holy thread Resurrection Batman...



On 21/08/2018 at 15:24, WRENCH said:

 This is the motorway from England to Inverness, a bit tight for large trucks. :laughing2dw:


Some views within a "ships biscuits throw" of @mach 0.0013137' U Boat.


 Tis true, I know that hairpin well, it`s near to where I was born, thankfully my mother didn`t have to go that way to get to the hospital for the arrival of her youngest son sweatdrop.gif.0370a4765a5be49c873911f05518f7bf.gif  :laugh:

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A view from up Carman hill, To the left is Alexandria and Renton, the water in the middle is Carman fishery and reservoir, the big lump to the right of centre id Dumbarton Castle and rock the waterway behind Dumbarton Rock is the river Clyde, left towards Glasgow, left towards the Clyde estuary, Gareloch and garelochhead (shown in @Teg62x's post)



This is from the same hill looking north, looking directly at the Clyde estuary right in the middle, leading off to Gareloch on the right, as the waterway moves forward and to the right, it heads out to the Irish sea, via the isle of Bute and the Ayrshire coast.

The wee peninsula in the middle of the picture is Ardmore point, I look out over that from my living room and bedroom windows, the far coast on the left is Port Glasgow and Greenock, with Gourock right at the tip the Cowal peninsula is on the right with the likes of Rosneath and Clynder right in the middle is Dunoon and the estuary of Loch Long and the Hoy Loch



An evening shot fro the living room window looking over Ardmore point to Greenock from the middle to the right and Port Glasgow from the middle to the left.




Sunset over Ardmore Point (a wee peninsula)



An amazing view of the early morning fog rising off the Clyde


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Parked a top The Garvock, overlooking Laurencekirk and The Mearns. Panoramic snap of the view. Left of the pic is South towards Dundee, right North towards Aberdeen. If you zoom in you might see the Cairn o' Mount if you know where to look. 

No photoshopping here, just natural beauty. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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