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Vostok Amphibia won't hand wind/stops randomly

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I'm having two issues with my new Vostok Amphibia. Issue 1: Out of the box, the hand winding feature worked fine, but this only lasted about a day. It can no longer be hand wound, but automatic winding works fine. Issue 2: Any time I reset the time, the watch will stop randomly for a few hours. A simple shake or flick gets it going again, sometimes for only a few seconds, and sometimes for minutes. After a few hours of this, It will work fine and keep good time for weeks at a time. Please advise! Here are some details and my theory:

-While in position 2 (winding position), the crown turns easily, but there is no click, and it does not wind the mainspring. When I first hand wound it, the click was present while turning the crown clockwise.

-The stopping issue happens even when the watch is fully wound.

-I have removed the crown/stem and looked for debris etc. and didn't see anything. However, without removing the movement or doing any more disassembly than that, I had an admittedly limited view.

Here's my theory as a layperson. The manual is in Russian, and I did not know that you are not supposed to go from crown position 3 (setting position) to position 2 (winding) and wind the watch manually without first screwing the crown back down to position 1 (I found an English translation of the manual online. I'll paste that section below). I don't specifically remember breaking this rule. I am very careful with hand winding mechanisms and at no point do I remember feeling any resistance while winding that seemed out of place. That said, I'm thinking that perhaps I broke this rule, sheered off something in the internal winding mechanism, and now when I go to set the watch it shakes some of that debris loose, which gets stuck in the movement.


Am I crazy? Am I on to something? What's going on? At this point I'd love to use this as an opportunity to learn how to take one of these things apart--these things are too inexpensive to bother with professional repair! 

Thanks in advance, y'all. 

Here's that translation of the manual:

NOTE: Never go directly from position 3 (the time-setting position) to position 2 (the winding position). Instead screw down to position 1 then proceed to position 2. So after setting the time or date, screw down the cap then go to position 2 to wind it up. 

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Either there's something damaged/broken in the movement or, if you're lucky, some parts just need to be repositioned and the movement might need some oiling and lubricating.

Honestly, I'd say that it's the first variant.

There's also the possibility that because of the way you "handled" the watch some little lever or spring on the inside got out of it's intended slot but this still requires that you open it up and check.

There could be a walkthrough of how to service this movement somewhere on the internet, perhaps youtube or forums.

Are you really a harpsichordist ? That's an interesting instrument. :)

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Thanks, gimli.

In that case I may just dive in and see what I can find.


And yes--master's degree in harpsichord performance and I've worked in a few shops that build/restore harpsichords and other early keyboard instruments. Watch work is certainly a different scale/precision, but I'm up for giving it a shot.

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15 hours ago, Steve vin said:

My vostok stops sometimes even if I have wound it but I see in the posts that you should not go position 2 from 3 but screw back crown first then to 2 ! I interesting any thoughts please 

What kind of Vostok is it?

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