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A little quiet recently

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Been away on holiday then busy at work with a little break from anything other than daily grind, I've had a couple of watches arrive today! 

I took my Seiko oddball... 

Interestingly, but perhaps a little more surprisingly, the watch just worked. It keeps reasonable time and just didn't miss a beat which I was really happy with. Old watch for every day wear, go grab an old Seiko for peanuts!

Recent incoming is a Bulova 23 (M6 date code) which needs a quick crystal polish and has a more deserving strap en route. There is something very satisfying about simple watches that just work and keep time. 

Number 2 is something a little more interesting. The movement is what I presume a Baumgartner 1 jewel, but caught my eye! Pics to follow! 


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Indeed, it's pretty amazing.

Well it picked up some scratches, and after a delivery, I've sorted all that out. Micromesh sanding pads and a touch of Polywatch later and we're all sorted.

31557901338_a96c32da4e_b.jpgPA191137 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr


43615776640_b3fdc60761_b.jpgScratches by Alex Bennett, on Flickr

And after. Very happy. The case and infill will need some attention in future though!

31557901308_e138ba2b71_b.jpgMicromesh and polish by Alex Bennett, on Flickr

And here we are with the Bulova. I believe its a 'Bulova 23' which appears to have the stem replaced, which I think will need to be rectified at some point. And I'm looking around for better straps, this is just something I had laying about.

[for those interested I'm using an Olympus EM10 and a 12-50EZ using the 43mm macro for these shots. Kinda forgot I had this lens and only really kept it for macro and smooth video!]


43615859420_a0290cb515_b.jpgPA191140 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr


43615859360_4e54b6d00e_b.jpgPA191140 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr


43615854230_183831ba03_b.jpgPA191140 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr

And you get the picture... After Polywatch. To be honest there is very little difference between 12000 and that, but it does give it a nice shine. The dots are on the dial, I'm not sure what to do with them, I don't really want to mess too much with it and ruin the dial.

43615859450_655711571b_b.jpgPA191140 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr


And I'll just leave this here - Its a bit of a funny one with a one jewel (Baumgartner? Marked 'Constructa') movement and a dial that maybe nobody loves! Its marked 'Prefect super de luxe' and has twin internal bezels. Not waterproof, but dustproof if the rear casing is to be believed... Its just something different. Looking for short 22mm straps.

44518637985_cc6ae4a367_b.jpgPA191150 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr

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