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Oh dear, I bought a fake


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It's quite sad really that scammers put so much effort into producing fakes because a lot of the products are worthy of merit in their own right if they were branded correctly. 

There will always be a market for fakes because it is fuelled by greed, people who want something for nothing - present company excluded of course.

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14 hours ago, IBM said:

Oh somebody is touchy about Breitling haha.

Ehhh have you tried looking on the internet??  Even you should find one there. Tag F1 chrono for example.  Made a fool of yourself there mate 


Yeah, well some people get touchy when they get caught out-"ish". :laughing2dw:  @JonnyOldBoy enjoys trying to wind people up. :yes:

If he want's a £500 Chronometer, how about a brand new Tissot Ballade Chronometer on sale at Goldsmiths for £525 - it's out of stock ATM, so it should be OK-ish for me to post the link;


Even at full SRP these are £750.  It also has an ETA movement, so must be as good as as a £3k+ish Breitling, after all the only difference is the name on the dial :laughing2dw::laughing2dw:.  I've got a Breitling-ish on order for January-ish delivery, at just £1,950-ish (+/- £1,500-ish) because even though the Premier range hasn't hit the shops yet they're already offering a 38% discount-ish.  No, honestly, I do, really, honestly.  No, actually, the AD is paying me to take the thing :laughing2dw::laughing2dw::laughing2dw:

Sorry, I know I'm being silly, but I actually can't stop laughing :laughing2dw::laughing2dw::laughing2dw::laughing2dw:

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16 hours ago, JonnyOldBoy said:

I think you are a tad generous in your accommodations.... there is the faintest possibility that he ain't no "new member"....

I don't own this forum, but I know the tricks played here [ not mentioning your past tricks incidentally :thumbsup: ] 

Displaying a bit of watch knowledge there Bondy..... This may not be the thread for watch knowledge... lol ... :thumbsup:

Incidentally , the Carrera Chronograph is still for my money one of the best watches around for the money.... as are the F1 entry watches. Watches in-between however currently a different matter.

Actually on thinking about it at the time we lived there it was S$3.2 to the £GBP

And it was less than 3K Sing Dolla.

The Full sized Omega PO on a bracelet I bought was about £1200.

And the Rolexs' I bought and off loaded over the years ............... 


5/6th is possible but you need to be in for the long haul. 


:laughing2dw: :laughing2dw:



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