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Seiko Kinetic (3M22) not charging properly after capacitor replacement

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HI Simon (and the rest)!

I recently purchased an old Seiko Kinetic 3M22-0B00 (1994) with a bad capacitor. I figured I'd have a go at replacing the capacitor as I have wanted to work on Kinetic watches for a while now.
The repair went smoothly, I purchased a brand-new Seiko 3M capacitor and replaced it following online instructions I had found.
I then had the watch charged at my local jeweller (I don't have a watch winder yet) to see how long it would last. After three days, it died. I read that new capacitors are supposed to last approximately 40 days on a full charge.
I then gave it to my mum to try out for a couple of weeks. She had worn it for a week when one morning, she found it stopped overnight. She shook it to give it a quick charge, and it lasted throughout her day. However, at 12AM that evening, she found it had gained a 20 minute delay on the actual time. I charged it up to a 20-second indicated charge last night, and today, whilst my mum was wearing it, it died at 12:37PM. It seems to hold less and less of a charge and now has trouble lasting even throughout half a day...

I'm quite baffled as to why the watch is doing this. It's a brand new (was still sealed when I purchased it) 3M capacitor that should last much longer than it has. Considering that the watch seemed to not charge enough throughout the day when she wore it, is it possible that the rotor just isn't charging the capacitor enough? Is anyone familiar with this issue and is it repairable?

Perhaps it's just the capacitor. In this case I'll see if I can get a refund, but before I do, I want to be 100% that the capacitor itself is faulty, and not something else.

Thanks very much,

Thom (Valksing)

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I too have changed several kinetic capacitors with varying degrees of success. Leaving me to conclude the kinetic watch itself was not meant to last forever.

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