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Tissot reset help required.

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Hi, I have a Tissot T Touch expert solar which I have just replaced the battery after the original had died. I used the same spec Renata LMR2016 and the unit powered up but the screen displayed 'rESEt'. I pressed the T button and was able to set the time but was unable to sync the time with the hands and other functions like the compass were not functioning. I removed the battery again and have left the 'rESEt' on the display but cannot find any information on the reset procedure for this model, there's plenty of info on the other T Touch models but not for the expert solar. Can anybody shed some light on this for me before I resort to sending it off for ££££££ service with a Tissot dealers. Thanks in advance.2k91P2s.jpg

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Found this, worth a go.


Press the centre pusher (T). The watch should beep once.
Touch the centre of the touch-sensitive face until opt appears, in opt select 24H Cm (or 12H Fft or 24H Fft or 12H Cm) is shown in the digital LCD display.
Press and hold the centre pusher (T) for approximately 5 seconds. The watch will beep once and then again, a second time, after 5 seconds have passed. After the second beep, the digital LCD display should read SYNCHRO. If not, return to step one.
Press the upper pusher (+) to advance the hour hand until it is positioned exactly at 12:00. (PH press T button to to switch to minute hand adjust)
Press the lower pusher (-) to advance the minute hand until it is also positioned exactly at 12:00.
When both hands are aligned together and pointing directly at 12:00, press the centre pusher (T) to save the setting. The hands of the watch are now synchronized


Some more info here :


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@Roy many thanks for your reply. I have previously tried the method in your text and link and unfortunately they refer to the previous incarnation of the T Touch and not my model. As it shows in the video clip, on the expert solar there is a designated index in the functions for re-synchronising the hands but I can't get this to work until i can find out how to reset the watch itself. Apparently in the previous models it was a two stage process when changing the battery - 1. replace dead battery 2. synchronize. but on the latest model a 3rd step of RESET was added. Who would have expected that the simple process of changing a battery would be so difficult or as Tissot probably thought extra profit because they need to be taken to service center to be replaced and reset.

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