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C65 trident or Oris 65?

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Hello forum members,

I’m after some opinions. I like both the Christopher Ward C65 trident automatic on SS bracelet and the Oris 65 on SS bracelet with the hint of bronze on the bezel. The C65 is 41mm in diameter and the Oris 65 is 40mm, both have Selitta movements and both have more than enough water resistance for what I need. In my opinion I don’t think the watches are hugely different aesthetically although some might disagree.

I don’t own anything from either brand so can’t comment about them from a personal perspective, the only thing I will say is the Oris is pretty much double the price. What do people think? I hear lots of good things about both brands. Is there a difference in quality? I’m led to believe Christopher Ward punch well above their price point but obviously Oris has a good reputation and history. Is the Oris worth the extra money? Or do I go with the C65?

I pick the keys up to my new house in about 6 weeks, so shortly after I would like to buy a little moving in present to myself to mark the occasion . . . . any excuse really. I would appreciate any comments you guys have. Has anyone handled both by any chance?

thanks in advance

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I don't think either look very good. In fact I think they both look pretty bland and boring, but if they were the only two watches on the planet to choose from I'd go with the Christopher Ward. Because of the seconds hand.

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Oris gets more kudos, and has more heritage if that matters to you.

I'm sorely tempted to get a CW C60 pro though - its superb value and I like the look of them. My only real concern is that it's yet another diver and I have other slightly pricier divers I want so it might feel like a slight compromise.

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Never owned either brand but if the watches appeal to you equally than my gut would say go for the CW as it should offer better VFM. If the CW is £600 and the Oris is £1200 then you are paying £100 VAT on the CW and £200 on the Oris (good reason to suggest the Oris as paying tax is good :biggrin:). Oris is sold through various retail outlets and that should about double the price and that would bring the two watches to around the same price ex manufacturer. Oris might have stronger purchasing power so not a direct like-for-like.

CW has great money back terms and a 5 year guarantee. Even better is favour of CW if you can get one in the sale or with a discount voucher (£100 off vouchers seem easy to get).


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1 hour ago, richy176 said:

Oris is sold through various retail outlets and that should about double the price and that would bring the two watches to around the same price ex manufacturer. Oris might have stronger purchasing power so not a direct like-for-like.


According my guy who deals wholesale NOS , the CW "holding value" what he could ( could but can't as there is little to no NOS trade to wholesale from CW )  buy in trade  would be £375 and the Oris is £700 , this suggests the CW cost about £150 core costs to build and the Oris £250 core costs to build. These are only his estimates of course but your post got me thinking on these two watches so I ran it by him out of interest...  so you are right , not much between them....

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Thanks for all the replies guys, I’d like to say that I have made a final decision on which one . . . . But I still have several weeks until I get my house keys and therefore a bit more time to make my mind up about what I will treat myself to. I feel I’m swaying more towards the Oris just because of the brand heritage but only time will tell.

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16 minutes ago, Jason89 said:

You’ll have to excuse the pun 

No it's great! No excuses needed.

Look, I think it may boil down to a couple things. I agree, Oris has a great history, but in the end the watch is still just made by some guys somewhere. That history doesn't play much of a role in the watch. I mean, it's not like Uboat watches where the materials are actually made from parts of old Uboats. Now that's a history that's tangible.

So really, honestly, how much does knowing that a watch you might wear is labeled as built and designed by a company with a long and deep history really mean to you? What's it worth? Are you going to look up and study it's history and tell the story of it to admirers whom really likely won't give two sheets? What's the value in that?

For me, sure that's cool, but in all honesty I don't give a flying fek. It's just not my thing to care. I love history, but not history of shiny objects and random companies that produce luxury products. Just like I don't care about the history of BMW or Lamborghini. It's a cool story, but then I move on and go about my day without another seconds thought about it.

I say it's always most prudent and wise to go with the less expensive option, in every instance where all else on the surface is equal. These appear equal to me. They both receive loads of praise from owner after all.

So consider this, don't let the whoopla and flashing lights get you caught up in unnecessary spending. That's my advise and thoughts.

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