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Nearly Gone West & Buried: Westbury

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I have to admit that this time I really feared that I had been defeated. Westbury is a name that has a familiar ring to it, at least from a British perspective, and there is a good variety of surviving watches so branded, all of which gave me high hopes of finding some interesting information about the Westbury brand, yet only at the last minute after diligent research did I discover some relevant information. The first possible clue I discovered that might relate to the Westbury watch brand was from duedil.com and concerns a company based in Dublin and titled, "Westbury Jewellers Parent Company Limited," which was incorporated on 2 August 1990. This private limited company with share capital is listed as being involved in the "Manufacture of Clocks and Watches" and the last accounts were submitted in 2011, probably meaning that it has been defunct for some years. The original and short-lived registration for the firm was under the name, Paul Sheeran (Jewellery) Limited, before the change of name. It is just possible that the Westbury name went back into the past, with eponymous forerunners of the modern incorporated company producing/selling (not manufacturing) watches under the Westbury brand name, based in Ireland.

The potential Irish connection kept me going for a while although it was a long-shot, but it was superseded by an important piece of information accompanying a notice for the sale of a Westbury Superautomatic - like my own Westbury watch mentioned below - placed on the Trebor's Vintage Watches Canadian website. According to this seller, "THE WESTBURY WATCH COMPANY LTD. trademark was registered in Canada from 1963 to 1984, the company imported movements from Switzerland and cased them in Canada, it is possible that watches were produced under the Westbury name before the trademark was registered."

Having provided a small amount of text to try and illuminate the Westbury watch brand, I now turn to the watches themselves in the hope that we can at least obtain some conclusions about Westbury. In my own collection, I have a Westbury 30J hand-wind "Superautomatic" gents watch dating to the later 1950s, and judging by the watches illustrated online, Westbury was an active brand producing/selling a variety of gents and ladies' watches from about the later 1940s up to and including the early 1980s. I believe that completed watches were purchased by Westbury for resale in addition to those that they had cased-up themselves. I haven't yet seen a quartz Westbury watch and it may be that the demise of the Canadian Westbury Watch Company Ltd., occurred before (and was partly brought on by) the final onslaught of less expensive quartz watches on the market. I end this topic with illustrations of some Westbury watches, and a hope that some Canadian or Canadian-based Forum member will be able to shed more light on the Westbury Watch Co. Ltd..



A Westbury chronograph from the early 1950s with a 36.5mm gold plated case and screw-on steel back, powered by a Landeron 48 17J hand-wind movement (Pics from ranfft.de):







A Westbury triple calendar chronograph with a 36mm gold plated case and powered by a 17J hand-wind Valjoux 72C movement. According to the information provided with the illustrations, this piece pre-dates 1950 and was produced by Westbury Watch Co and, "made in Switzerland for the English market" (pics from assets.catawiki.nl):







A Westbury automatic dive watch from the 1960s with a screw-down crown and back, and powered by a 25J automatic Swiss movement (pics from vintagewatch.ca):






A Westbury world time wristwatch made in Germany c.1970 by the Provita Watch Corporation, with a 36mm case, inner-disk rotating cities of the world, and powered by a Soviet-made INT 471-7 movement (pics from vintagewatch.ca):







A Westbury 25J Superautomatic wristwatch from the mid-1970s (pic from i.pinimg.com/originals):





A mid to later 1970s Westbury chronograph with a 37mm (excl. crown) steel? [probably plated base metal] case and powered by a Valjoux 7733 hand-wind movement (pics from assets.catawiki.nl):








A 1950s Westbury 14 carat white gold and diamond hand-wind ladies' wristwatch with 15mm wide case (pics fromvintagewatch.ca):





A late 1950s Westbury gold plated gents wristwatch with a 17J automatic AS1700/01 movement and a 36mm (not incl. crown) case - note the designation on the dial for radium lume. Note also the name of the Choisi Watch Company stamped on the movement - another watch company in need of a topic:) (pics from i.ebayimg.com):






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Your articles are always a joy to read and you've done well to find anything at all on this brand. I try to research all of my watches and came up empty on Westbury.

Here's my kinda beat-up contribution, 32mm and probably 1950s. Perhaps incongruously with what you've unearthed, it runs on a 17j German-made Hermann Becker (HB) 115.


Westbury 2019.JPG

Westbury HB 115.JPG

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I have a beautiful ladies cocktail wrist watch I got from my grandmother that has the WESTBURY name on it. There is no other writing or notations on the face plate. There are no actual numbers but the 12, 3, 6, and 9 are mini ruby flecks and the rest of the numbers are mini diamond flecks. We've been told by jewelers these are real.

The watch is older than 1947 because that is when my grandmother *found* it. She was newly married and pregnant and her husband was away on a military course so she left her apartment empty in Barrie Ontario and went to visit with her parents for a few months until the military course was over. When she returned to her apartment, she found this watch in her drawers amongst her belongings--- she was so irate at her landlady that either a)the landlady riffled through their things and lost her watch or b)rented our their rooms while they were gone but still paying rent. My grandma decided to keep the damn watch out of anger hahahaha. She never had any particular love for this beautiful yellow gold watch because of how she acquired it. She gave it to me in about 2004. I've been trying to find out about the company Westbury since, to little avail. Thank you for so much research. I will try and find a way to post a photo of it.


Hope this photo works now


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