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Remember When?

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I also remember going to a big party in my street to celebrate the Queen's something or other in the 70's..

I think the yellow and orange choppers were Mark 1 Choppers and could be identified by their straight seat stay. The mark II got a curved seat stay cos some of the straight ones snapped or bent... Mark II's came in black, purple, and red I remember...

Queens silver Jubilee 1977, we had a village sports day got a silver in the 100 yards, beaten by bloody Andrew Shelton :taz: He was the fastest and strongest and won everything, but I seemed to get the girls! :naughty: so life wasn't too bad

yep the straight seat stays snaped quite a bit, probably because of the jumps we set up, planks of wood and piles of brick, brilliant.

My dad had a mate who had a welder so every other week I'd wheel the chop up to him and ride it home all fixed again :D. My Brother had one with the gear knob instead of the t bar, the knob was lost but we didn't care you could still change gear with the lever minus it's knob, one day he came off, the gear lever took a chunk of flesh out of his inner thigh about an inch in diameter.

Did well out of that day.

My dad was a firefighter. So as well as street party we got loads of goodies. Coins etc, which will be worth a bit now. Where is it :cry2:

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yeah I remember getting a silver jubilee coin Paul, must be millions of them lost at the back of drawers.

JoT I remember clackers only too well, very dangerous in the wrong hands.

Anyone ever play lawn darts? Like big fat darts about two feet long held them by the tail and threw them underarm to a target the other side of the lawn.

We soon got bored of that and drew a target on the garage doors and threw them overarm! what a mess we made of those doors!

Did anyone ever go scrumping?

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Remember the Six Million Dollar Man action action figure?

With the bionic eye you looked through, but it made everything look smaller instead of bigger.

Mine came with a special crystal radio backpack - pulling the aerial up and down tuned (if you were lucky) into a station.

Quality toys.

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Did anyone ever go scrumping?

Oh scrumping was great, the farmers used to shoot at us with rocksalt if they caught us. I did plenty of apples and pears but we also had two massive strawberry farms nearby.

One day me and a mate found a lonely plum tree and ate about 2lb's each, well you can imagine the consequences. :blink:

They dont seem to scrump here in southern france, theyre mad. Ive taken it up again. Its heaven. Last year I happily scrumped grapes, peaches, apricots, pomegranates, cherries and oranges.

life is sweet


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Fantastic Foz.

In the summer i casually park in a layby or such then pop over the wall / fence / ditch into the orchard and help myself.

Well no one would suspect your friendly AA man would they :naughty:

I remember as a kid hiding in a tree probably 15 feet up (although thinking back tress are twice as high when your 8 so more like 7 or 8feet i guess) for what seemed like hours waiting for the farmer to bugger off home, got my bounty and off I went. The next day the farmer turned up with a bag of apples for my mum, winked at me and said you don't want your lad frezzing up that tree again do you?

Anyone remeber "wait til your dad gets home"? :(

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Standing up at football matches and swinging a wooden football rattle. Anyone know when rattles stopped being used by fans?

Messerschmitt three wheelers: unlike most three wheelers (Bond, Reliant) the two in front, tandem design was a sporty drive, though the 200cc engine didn't do much in a straight line.

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IPB Image

"I love my Mum and Dad and my brothers too,

and the groovy way we get along"

"Everytime the slightest little thing goes wrong

Mum starts to sing this familiar song"

"Wait 'till your father gets, until your father gets

Wait 'till your father gets home"

"Dad's not so bad and he seldom gets mad

And we aren't about to desert him"

"Kids today like to have their own way

And what Daddy doesn't know won't hurt him"

"I think my Mum's just swell but she starts to yell

Everytime we have a fight"

"Just...wait 'till your father gets,

until your father gets

Wait 'till your father gets home!"

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