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Cal 89 IWC refurb..

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Hi all

I've had this watch for years, Got it for a quid at the bootsale, It runs well and keeps time to say how scruffy it is inside(Shorter hand is actually the minute hand!!)I reckon it must have been a plaything for the kids and had no crystal in or something!! :(

Over on facebook a chap that restores watches says he will fully restore it for £600, Would the watch be worth £600 when restored or would it be a pricey project?,  Is that the going rate for a full resto? (Never had one done before!!) 

FS8dNxa.jpg eNJBFQV.jpg

I don't actually have £600 spare at the moment so had to tell the chap that it'll have to wait (Been off work for ten weeks after a replacement knee!!)..


John :)

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The IWC script seems to be one of the harder ones to get right.  Redials tend to stand out a mile, and that hurts values.  But if it owes you £601 you will be okay IMHO

Alternatively sell it to someone else to take on, and you will be hundreds up and hassle free

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That sounds like a lot of money for a refurbishment. The movement runs so that is just a service, any surface rusting can be polished out

As previously said the dial i would keep on there as it is original, changing the dial will hurt its value

I would fit new hands and clean the case, if you want to move it on feel free to message me


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What do you know about the restorer on Facebook? You can end up with a real mess, or having to get the job done twice if you're not careful. I'd be cautious of someone who gives you an estimate without physically seeing the watch.

@simon2 has worked on two of my old watches and I was happy with the results. You can contact him here or at https://www.essexclockandwatchclinic.com/

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