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Do you like to wear a watch in the bath?

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You have hair, Honour ? Respect   

the reason that watches are rated to depths is that the pressure of the cold water actually helps tighten the seals in many case designs.  However the hot water would allow the case and seals to expan

Didn’t really want to know that.  

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2 minutes ago, Roger the Dodger said:

since retiring, I find myself wearing a watch less and less

this is true of a lot of people I have noticed - perhaps watch wearing / obsessing connects into many of aspects of work life - my working day certainly revolves around the clock (although apparently we are not supposed to watch it at home time!) meetings, getting things out before lunch or whatever; and then 'watching' is also a pastime or diversion to occupy the delineated 'leisure time' (which can be healthy); and lastly, I think there is, to borrow a term from astrology (which I think is guff, except the bit about Aries chaps being, frankly, the best at everything) a way in which this healthy thing (interest) can become 'afflicted' (obsession) by, probably, stress.  I don't think it is unconnected that my definitely none-addicted type (:biggrin:) sober interest in watches started last Christmas as a 'celebration' of a pretty good year (2017 was the pits) and became a little darker almost immediately with my dad's illness and care requirements.  I think it's when you are stressed it can become something to hold on to a little tighter than is healthy, and of course when your days are not much fun, it is a fillip to come home and find the postman has been with something nice.  That can be quite a slippery slope ...  But to return to your point, I can quite see how wearing watches could become less important when folk retire, even though the fascination and interest in them might remain.

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51 minutes ago, relaxer7 said:

Baths are for girls :laugh:

I have a bath nearly every day, it works better than most things for arthritis.:thumbsup:

57 minutes ago, Roger the Dodger said:

 since retiring, I find myself wearing a watch less and less.

:( Christ I hadn't thought of that.

I don't wear one to work as I work on lathes and such and as i work a double day shift that only leaves walking the dog and weekends.

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No, it's just going to get in the way when I'm drying off.  Might wack it against the sink or tiled wall as my bathroom isn't the most spacious.  The only watch I've ever taken swimming was a Vostok Amphibia.

I have to admit, I don't always wear a watch if I'm at home for the day.

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16 hours ago, Jet Jetski said:

If you insist - here is my sub-aqua squad ...


All ready for immersion! Vostok Amfibian, EB Holton Professional, Timex Say-no-more, Nixon 'October' 300m, Casio Titanium Pro-Trek, Squale 'Tiger' 200m chronograph.  I push the buttons under water too.

No person attached so I will allow that.:laugh:

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