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Trial and Error - How (not) to repair a watch ...

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I saw a watch on ebay cheap with a broken crystal but a nice case and bracelet.  As luck would have it, I had the same watch with a perfect crystal, new movement, but tatty case and bracelet.  Light bulb moment, and a cheeky bid later, said watch is on its way to me, and by a process of cross cannibalisation I will get one perfect watch, buy a cheap crystal, and thereby one tatty one - might get a tenner back (it's an LE). There was a caveat in the advert that the back was difficult to replace too.  I know that, having changed the battery and movement on mine previously.  No problemo.  Anyway, I swapped the crystal successfully and movement from mine to the new case, now to put the back on, in the press you go says I, bit of a push - nothing - bit more, case back goes in with a satisfying 'click'! 


Until I turned the watch over ...   Aha!  So that's how the original crystal got broken!

And so to ebay for 2 crystals ....   at least I only paid one p & p lol

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I think we’ve probably all had that happen at some point in the learning process, no doubt telling you what you’ve already learnt , but you need a recessed die on the crystal side that sits on the bezel and doesn’t touch the crystal and a flat die that is the same size as the caseback for the back   But like I said you know that already now.  :yes:   Nice job in the end though , looks good :thumbsup:

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Before I bought my proper case back press, I tried to fit a difficult pop on back using a G clamp, "protecting" the crystal with a rag.  I think we can all guess how that ended....... :whistle:  Lucky for me it was only a scrap watch that I was practicing on, and not one from the collection. 

Almost all of my watches are screw-down case backs, but I did have a Bulova Precisionist that had a pop-off type, and when that needed a new battery I went ahead and bought a press.  I think it was about 15 quid from ebay, so cost less than taking the Bulova for a battery change in a shop :thumbsup:

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