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Tapatalk is dead? Love live web....

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THE END IS NEAR ... as a paid buyer 5-10 yrs ago(?)  of the Tapatalk Pro app, I've been free of ads. No more, Tapatalk is now putting interstitial ads in my iOS client asking me to "extend my VIP status" for free for three months, thereafter they will gladly charge me US$0.99 a month for the honor. Almost every thread is marked "new" and has their pitch as the last post. 

Hum ... :hmmm9uh: Um, shall I? Or ... naw, I can find other ways. Considering this forum's past experiences with the Tapatalk plug-in failing to keep up with the forum software, I thought I'd come back to see if others are seeing this new Photobucket-like gambit, and have opinions. 

(BTW, yeah, I've been fine, working a new job the last several months, as well as serving as the prez of my HOA board of directors -- more burden, less respect, and no compensation.) 

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6 hours ago, scottswatches said:

Tapatalk has passed me by.  What does it do that I can't do for free?

It will consolidate subscribed/participated threads and forum sections across multiple forums for you, in one spot. So for example if you frequent three watch forums (I'll let you decide which), you could catch up with all three in one application. You can reply, attache pics, etc. USED TO BE  you could upload to Imgur.com through the app, to your Imgur account, but they yanked that away (like other features) in favor of their own hosted solution. I'm not always comfy with providing my original pics/artwork to a company that may claim a license to it (I"m looking at you, Facebook). 

Another benefit: instead of dealing with three, or nine, different forum software idiosyncrasies and looks, all are presented in roughly the same interface. Some actions (like Report) only appear on some posts. 

Lots of other neat features, but the app's flexibility and utility has been on the decline IMHO. I seem to still have an old version on my Android devices, so maybe I'll switch back to those more often than iOS. 

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