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Interested in your opinions on a Lorus Fusion Watch ..

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I've had a couple of that exact model. 

If memory serves it runs the seiko 7t92 chronograph movement, so a direct descendent rather than a poor relation. 

Nice and heavy, cool looking watch not unlike some of the pulsar "spoon" offerings. 

For the price these fetch on eBay it's well worth a go.

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Great to know there are even Fusion collectors out there!

I've just invested in a lifetime battery from Timpsons - a tad expensive but - perhaps worth it because it's in excellent condition with only a few marks on the crystal that I can see.

11 hours ago, tick-tock-tittle-tattle said:

I own 4 x Lorus Fusion watches and I really like them.

It is a Seiko 7T62 movement in a nicely designed case, Still after a couple to finsh of the Fusion 'set' I can't really fault them to be honest.

Have you got this one ?

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1 hour ago, Hickory Dickory Dock said:

Have you got this one ?

Missed out on one of those a couple of weeks back, but, I'll keep trying.

The trouble is that unless it is pretty much near perfet condition I will not buy it as I know the crystals are hard to get and a bit of a pain to fit.

Here's a picture of the ones I have, minus the one my brother has 'borrowed' his version of 'borrowed' means this one ain't coming back!

The one that is missing is like the watch to the far right but it has green dial marks and green chrono hand and sub dial hands.

I am a sucker for Seiko Group chronographs, I couldn't tell you how many I own...and, I certainly couldn't tell my wife :biggrin:


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Well, snap! I too have that exact model, dear Hickory, and I like it very much. As I think I have said before, Lorus is one of those brands that may be the cheap and cheerful arm of Seiko but comes up quite frequently with something worthy of note. For me, Lorus has proved to be a more interesting brand than its sibling, Pulsar, over the years.:)

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Bit of an old thread I know but these watches need more internet profile so that those that don't know these wonderful ( though quartz) chronographs can appreciate and value them.

I only have the one of these Fusions and many many more Seiko's but to me this not only the level equivalent of the Seiko but better in that it is just so unusual and rare!


Here is mine taken today.


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