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Mike C.

Help Neede for a Newcomer, Please...

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We've just inherited a vintage lady's wristwatch which has no maker's name or brand identification marks that I can see. The case opens like a half-hunter pocket watch. Inside, there's no movement serial number or anything else showing that gives information about the mechanism showing -- except the French words 'Avance' and 'Retard' in cursive script on the adjuster, for 'fast and 'slow'. I imagine that suggests that the watch is Swiss-made.

On the inside of the lid, I can see:

(1) the symbol for 9-carat/.375 gold;

(2) a capital 'Q' in double outline form, with a swallowtail shape on the tail, within a round shield -- which I can't find as either a maker's mark or a year, anywhere on the web

and (4)) what the web says is the symbol for a  London import 'sponsor' post-1907 (no actual hallmark, though), with '316' beneath that -- which I can see identifies the grade of steel used.

There are a few other scratched letters and numbers on the inside of the case lid which I think were done by hand with a pin or a stylus -- repairers' marks? There's nothing about 'jewels'.

The numerals on the face (all black, except for a red '12') suggest the 1920s or 1930s (which fits, in terms of my wife's grandmother, who owned it previously). The minutes are marked by tiny gold dots, and the (black) hands are what I think are called spade design.

The watch has a bracelet which I assume is a rather later replacement. It's an expanding one marked 'Excelsior', and '/10 R.G.FT' -- which I understand means 10% rolled gold filled or plated. Oddly, the bracelet is firmly attached but twisted like a Mobius strip. So it would need to be detached at one end by drilling out the pin, turned around and then properly re-attached, to make it wearable again. Very strange! However, the watch works very well indeed, when carefully wound. It keeps reasonably accurate time over several days (losing a minute or so).

At the moment, I've no idea how to add any photos, here. I don't have access to any system on the web where I can post images with a URL. But I'll see if there's a way I can do it through a friend, etc.

On the description above, could anyone of you out there tell us anything about the watch, even if it's just an informed guess?

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