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Thursday, January 9 - WRUW


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I must ‘fess up to having had a side interest in collecting electric and electronic watches. OK, they’re maybe not everyone’s must-have, but to me they represent a fascinating, if dead-end, horological period spanning from the late 1960s until roughly the late 1970s.

That interest had initially been sparked (see what I did there?) a few years ago when over a few weeks I was able to acquire from the States a bunch of various and mostly unused 1970s electronic watches which had been put together for Sears & Roebuck (originally R.W. Sears Watch Co). These would then be sold as their “house” brands under names such as Tradition, Orvin and Stellaris, with purely mechanical versions also having been available.

Commercial reticence meant that the makers of these transistorised watches were never openly identified but anecdotally are thought most likely to have been Hamilton. Just where this supply of watches, some like this one still with stock tags, had been for the past 40 to 50 years was never clearly explained to me.

They came with different power plants depending on the model using both Swiss and Seiko electronic movements but, for today, I’’ll be going with this particular steel-cased Tradition, the upper tier brand and which runs on the 13j ESA 9154 Dynotron.


Tradition cushion 2019 v.2.jpg

Tradition cushion ESA 9154 v.2.jpg

Tradition cushion case back v.2.jpg

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16 minutes ago, Cyclops930 said:

There's a lot of parts in that model plane. :tongue:

Yep and all the kids who get one will do what we all did when we were 9, ignore the instructions and stick the bits where they look like they should go. :biggrin:

37 minutes ago, Cyclops930 said:

Good morning all emoji41.png
CW and a nice frock today. emoji39.png


Sent from my HRY-LX1 using Tapatalk

Gorgeous darling


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1 hour ago, yokel said:

This today . . .

. . . built exactly like a brick lavatory  --  extremely robust, but little attention to build quality. I have thirteen watches built with more attention to detail.



Nice manly rolex with cyclops 

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