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S Force watches


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Just had a quick look and they are indeed very bold and brash, im not going to criticise the value or quality cos i know nothing about them, but for me personally they`re a bit........ err bold and brash, but there will be a market out there for them.The dark knight  isnt too bad primarily cos its not over the top garish, but ultimately im not overkeen on the collection as an whole.


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I would rate them zero if it were an option. I ordered a watch from them (I'm UK based) back in early November 2020 for my 40th birthday. Paid for it in full. They state the build of the watch starts right away and will take 90 days to arrive. My watch arrived 2 days ago! That's not all. Initially they were OK at replying to my emails although I had to keep chasing them up myself for updates as they DID NOT provide me with this. I had to ask every time. Then when time was getting on and I hadn't received my watch at the specified date, I emailed them to chase this up. No reply from them. It wasn't until I filed a charge back claim through my bank that they decided to reply. The same production manager emailed to say "Your watch has passed quality checking and is being shipped along with a complimentary gift for the inconvenience" So my watch arrived Wednesday. First issue, apart from the ridiculous wait, it was worse than ordering a new car! The custom engraving message THAT WAS CONFIRMED to the production manager, is completely wrong!!!! Plus no complimentary gift or apology letter in the box. You are given the option of a free custom engraving message on the backplate of the watch, 44 characters. They got this wrong also EVEN though they emailed me to check and I responded QUITE EXPLICITLY with the EXACT wording, bare in mind this was an email between myself and the production manager who also advised me the watch had passed quality checking! So I emailed the same production manager back to advise and what a surprise, its now Friday and I've not heard a thing. Now out of pocket by a few hundred pounds and as its a special gift for my 40th, now a very tainted item. Their company slogan is built not bought but I'd say more like bought not built as I don't believe its custom made, they just take a watch off the shelf and engrave a message on the back YET they can't even get that CORRECT!!!! I gave the production manager on my email Wednesday until 6pm today to reply with a solution to rectify the situation before I write my review BUT have not heard back. Given them every opportunity and last chance but they clearly don't care. This was my first time using the company and has been my last. I urge any new buyer to exercise extreme caution before making a purchase especially if you are in the UK and are unable to simply walk in to their shop, which is in the States. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED and DISSATISFIED with the WHOLE customer service journey from making the original order up until now. Do not believe the reviews stated on their website as I believe them to be manufactured!

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On 16/01/2020 at 20:58, Biscuits said:

Good evening all,

im just wondering if anyone has purchased an S Force watch? I’ve seen them advertising on various social media sites and after looking on there website the watches look and are very bold and brash. I’m contemplating purchasing a classic model 

thanks Chris 

Shhhhhh!! Dont tell anyone else  but I quite like one or two of them for a bit of fun. The watch thickness at 16.7mm though is nearly as thick as the breitling avenger 2 seawolf which I had and I got fed up clocking it on door frames etc. 

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9 hours ago, SolaVeritate said:

I just can't afford that many AA batteries. 

Looks more like a D.

(I will not clarify whether I am talking batteries or the 'models' on their website)


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