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Hello from Montana Newbie

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Hi Everyone,  

It's kind of interesting how ended up here.  I'm helping a friend value many items he has for sale.  He handed me a box full of smaller boxes and told it was trash and throw it away.  

When I said "one man's trash... I'll look through it and let you know if I find anything interesting."

I found the contents of the box so interesting that I have found myself doing some serious research on the Wyler Watch Company, a person by the name Jean Poindefert.  Also how many possible reasons could there be for a person to carry so many brand new Main Springs (all I could think was maybe s watch repairman's kit) and was completely intrigued by some of the writing on the contents to be dated back to 1937.  

The item that really got me wondering, a Notarized Declaration,  dated in 1956, by one Jean Poindefert, a Marshall of the courts in Paris, France.  Now,  just reading this declaration. I could smell marketing and though I know that there were many of these declarations signed, notarized, copied...whatever...but what a neat thing to stumble across when I was handed this box and told to toss it all in the trash!  The statement is numbered in the top left corner in pencil it looks like but it is very cool to me.  It was nearly tucked into a Wyler Incaflex Service Manual, everything in amazing condition.   

To top it off, there are 10-12 NIB (the majority of them appear to have never been opened or messed with), different sized and a few different brands of Main Springs, a box of mixed sizes that has a chart in it and on many of those, it looks like either names of customers or locations for that item to go to.  

I'm sure many of you know what all of this is.  Please share your thoughts and/or opinions on this amazing (especially to me, I love to learn and truly appreciate the history of places and things that we use and collect)find?  

Thank you for accepting my request to join and thank you for all of the info that's here in this forum.  The Wyler Watches history by Always Watching (I hope that is correct?) Is what got me to sign up.  

Looking forward to hearing from everyone I can about all of this. 

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I actually don't have a watch.  Just many, many parts, the service manual and the notarized declaration about the wyler marketing stunt in 1956.  

Though I've been really loving learning more about a lot of amazing watches and watch companies.   I'll end up getting a few I'm sure.  I'll be loving doing the research on an old pocket watch of my dad's this weekend.  Thanks for the welcome, Vin.  


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Welcome aboard and great introduction!

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