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Poljot 3133 Chronograph Servicing Repairs Hints Tips Websites

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Stem Removal & Re-fitting

These are all just my experience, but thought it might be good to collate tips about a movement n a single thread.

I have read in a couple of places that the stem should be in the 2nd (setting) position when it is removed.  I saw a chap do it in first (winding) position, and get away with it, I have once, but it was luck I think, bit of a heart-stopper putting it back in.  The other two occasions when I have tried inserting the stem with the works on the 'winding' position, I had to re-build the keyless works.  That's when I decided the guy in the video had been lucky though.

My recent successes

@Kutusov agrees here: https://thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/topic/77833-miraculous-way-to-reset-the-keyless-works-on-a-2824-2/&tab=comments#comment-773178

Here is another recommendation to pull the crown out to the setting position before stem removal: https://www.watchtalkforum.com/topic/61233-minor-3133-repairs-removing-case-backs-and-movements-stop-watch-azp/

NOTE - if you push the little stem release button too far, by using a fine tool like a pin that will follow the button through the plate, please note that 'button' is actually fixed to one of the levers in the keyless works below the plate, and you will push it clean off its location.  Once that lever is 'on top' of the setting lever, because you pushed too hard, this little trick to reset the keyless works will no longer be any use (you'll need to scroll down a bit to see the 'trick'.  https://forums.watchuseek.com/f6/installing-stem-poljot-3133-a-527607.html   This also implies successful re-insertion depends on the works being in the 'setting' position.

I push the stem release button with a blunt plastic pusher that will not fit through the hole in the plate to avoid following through - I have now used this technique twice, with the crown having been removed from the set position - and a bit of wiggling persuasion got the stem back in and winding / setting functions hunky-dory.  It feels horrible while you are doing it though.  Unless you are a watchmaker :whistle:



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