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Mitch Mason Watches - future kickstarter

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Stumbled across this via Facebook.


I think its an extremely good looking watch and not bad value either, the desert sand being the standout piece IMHO.

Really good specs, especially at the "early bird" price and lots of nice little subtle touches . At 36.5 mm its probably a touch too small for me (we'll see!) but may interest others on here.

Will try to add a pic when I can be bothered :laugh:

If its isn't abundantly obvious, this project is absolutely nothing to do with me but its good to spread a bit of variety and support ambition.


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On 03/03/2020 at 13:50, JoT said:

I like the case and dial but the hands spoil it for me

Same here, the desert sand does look refreshingly different, though. But I guess realistically they won't change the design of the hands anymore, this close to the release date?

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I too like the desert sand colourway. Strangely perhaps, whilst the hands don't look too good on the blue colourway, they are very nice when coupled with the desert sand dial. I also like the case shape and the crown but am not too keen on the name, Mitch Mason - the name gives me the feeling that it was thought up BEFORE the story about the meaning of the two words in the name was concocted. 

In conclusion, I wish Benedict Ong well with this and future projects. There is enough here to be optimistic.

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Posted (edited)
On 05/03/2021 at 13:31, it'salivejim said:

The hands and the crown are hideous. Interesting idea but not for me.

The hands are gorgeous (I didnt like them at first but the more I look, the more I like!),  nice to see something different than just a standard off the shelf set (even if you dong like them, refreshing to see?).


That crown is also sweet in my humble... like a part out if a gearbox :laugh:


Only a  couple of months before I FINALLY get my hands on it!


Edit - I added the bracelet, 50 quid and it looks pretty nice! I'm quite sure it will live on leather but for that money it's worth a try and makes it more versatile 


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The desert model is appealing but I can't learn to love the hands; or more specifically, the hour hand that looks like a fist with pointy finger. Sometimes a similar tone to the hands can make them appear like cardboard cut outs. I'd be interested to see some real life shots of the dial.

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If I had to choose between the different colourways, I would go for either the black dial or the desert sand version - primarily because the hands in these two colourways are visually less dominant. The black metalwork on the hands melts into the black dial in the black colourway, and the lumed areas on the hands blend into the dial colour on the Desert Sand version. The specs of the Chronicle are pretty good although the case diameter of 36.5 mm begs the question of whether a slightly larger version of the watch will become available in due course. 

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