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My second bike was a CX500 rode it into the ground, I went to get a replacement exhaust balance box and it was more than the bikes worth.  Epic bike! Had a terrible offski nine years ago and it h

My GP approves...   My ar%e doesn't!!

Trying to get my girlish figure back on track on the stationary trainer. I'll wait until we have a few days of rain to clear the roads of salt dust before I venture out with either bikes.  You kn

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21 minutes ago, midnitemo said:

I don't understand how it gets to be  near on double the weight of an original monkey , if it weighed 85 kg wet i'd have already bought one

The difference in size, they are near double, if you want to spend the money you can get 26 bhp+ at the back wheel, which will get you in excess of 100mph, if your brave enough. Also the original Z "Gorilla" was 50cc, had undamped suspension compared with USD forks etc, so apart from a tenuous link by name only, there's not much comparison.

Obviously the picture shows the current Monkey, but the dimension are similar to the Grom. The new Grom is being sold as a "modifiers platform" with a host of options, performance and cosmetic.



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I've had a dax and Lifan 110 and both of those were under 70 kg wet and the dax was similar in size all be it 72cc not 125 , i just think it weighs to much and is too complex for what it is , all modern bikes for that matter seem to have gotten Lardy , Suzuki b120p 85kg  Suzuki x7 132kg just two old timers that were great featherweights

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12 hours ago, midnitemo said:

i just think it weighs to much and is too complex for what it is

That's what current safety/emissions regulations have done, and why Triumph make a lardy Bonneville with a huge engine in order to obtain the level of performance that would have been easily attainable 30 years ago with something half the weight and capacity. My original Guzzi S7 would hit 120+, albeit with a little bit of engine work, yet the new Guzzi V7 I bought when they first came out would only see three figures with a tailwind, and had to be revved through the gears rather than short shifting, and using the torque like the old one. All this is because of emissions regulations. That new Grom has the same Gyroscopic ABS sensing nonsense as the latest Fireblade but I don't really care, I'll live with it, and not let it spoil my enjoyment. One of the best ways (and cheapest) to enhance the performance of a modern bike is to improve the power to weight ratio of bike and rider combined by laying off the pies. :laughing2dw:


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my gripe is i want something light and interesting to put on my Motorhome rack , currently i carry a Honda ANF125 Innova at 99kg wet , i need the bike to be less than this as i'm right on the axle load max at the rear axle and that is me already being uber careful what i load and where i put it.... bike needs to have pillion pegs and above all be fun..... don't want to run a classic as i want the utmost reliability with the minumum of fettling whilst away...the nearest i've found would be a Beta Alp 200 at 108kg can lose perhaps 2 or 3kg with an aftermarket tail can and ditching the mirrors.......would anyone know of anything else out there that fits the brief?

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a friend in my bike club has a 50cc one and it is surprisingly heavy , pretty sure its at least the same weight as my current Honda if not heavier...doesn't look it though


very tuneable though with all the aftermarket monkey type bits available


I looked at 750 Guzzi a while back for my wife to ride when her 2 years at 33hp had elapsed ,  think it was called a Breva pretty sure it's the earliest modern day v7 , was very underwhelming, she was stepping of a jap import zzr250 that could easily have outrun the Guzzi , she opted to take over my Hinckley Bonnie instead which although a bit heavier had a lot more go in it.

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Two strokes are the way to go if you want light weight. A Suzuki TS 50 with a 70cc kit on it remains reliable. Dry, in standard form, it weighs under 90kg, and you can easily lose more weight off it by fitting plastic guards, alloy bars, aftermarket exhaust etc. A standard TS 100 is around 90kg. A Yamaha YB 100, which is really a big "Fizzy" is sub 90kg, and they haven't reached the insane prices of the 50cc bikes. I recently got offered a decent one for £1200, which I regret not going for now.

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