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Can my boss watch be repaired ?

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Hi Simon,

Can this watch be repaired by the watch seller ? Is it worth me paying 36€ to have it transported back to them by road to England ?

Or can I get it repaired locally by a watch maker ? 

Does it need to be replaced or can it be repaired ? The dial has come off on a door ... It's a 140£ boss watch




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Hi simon

Thanks. Does it matter that the second, minute and hour hands have frozen. As well as the date ....

Is that to be expected ? Does it change your opinion at all ?



They're set to the exact time that the dial came off ...

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You mention the dial. I think you mean the Crown. The shaft that the Crown is attached to( the Stem). Has broken and when it broke it was pulled into the Handset position. Which stops all functions. Still an easy fix and when a new Stem and Crown are fitted the watch should function properly.

hope this helps. The damage may be seen by the seller as neglect and not covered by any warranty.

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Thanks Simon.

I've asked itswatchtime.com on 3 or 4 different occasions if they could take a link out of the wristband.

I only bought the watch on 16th of April. They replied to me but didn't include an answer to my question.

I broke the watch by catching it on a door 2 weeks ago. They only repair within 30 days of purchase so I have to decide soon whether to fork out the 36€ to transport the watch from cork to Birmingham by road.

They said they'll refund me 18€ but haven't said much apart from that.

What would you do in my situation Simon? Should I send it back or wait until local watch repairs shops open ?

Cheers mate




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Just a thought - in your question to them, did you include a photo? Otherwise they might be thinking the dial on your watch is loose, rather than the crown being separated from the stem. 

If it were mine, I’d wait and put it to my local watch guy. 

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