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Not a Supercar: The Aventi G-10 Tourbillon Watch

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(Pic from Indiegogo at c1.iggcdn.com)



Aventi is a new horological venture, and the first watch to emerge from the brand seems (according to much of the media attention) to have as its raison d’être the production of a low cost/low price tourbillon wristwatch - a complication that tends to go hand-in-hand with high luxury horology. As a result of Aventi’s success in this ambition, there is a degree of triumphalism expressed, deriving from company publicity, in beating the Swiss at their own game by producing a luxury tourbillon watch that is considerably less expensive than Swiss examples, and on top of that, the production of a relatively inexpensive tourbillon model cased all in sapphire. Clearly, watch buyers and potential customers for these sorts of watches are appreciative of Aventi in its philosophy and success, as testified by the Indiegogo campaign for the Aventi A-10 being funded within just 8 minutes. 

The Aventi A-10 tourbillon wristwatch, designed by Hannu Siren, comes in two basic varieties or models. The first of these is cased in Grade 2 titanium, and both the case and sapphire crystal are of unique, roughly trapezoidal, shape inspired by the world of supercar design - most notably the more angular shapes of cars by Lamborghini and Pagani. This titanium model is available in a raw colourway that has a completely sandblasted finish, as well as in several different colourways whereby the case is finished with a coloured ceramic coating called Cerakote, which lends the watch scratch resistance and keeps its weight down. In addition to the case colour, the titanium model is edged with, and has highlights of, Swiss Super-LumiNova BGW9 to provide a visual experience in the dark. The seven colourways (some of them quite vibrant) are Rosso Red, Nardo Gray, Riviera Blue, Pearl White, Modena Yellow, Nero Black, and Viola Purple. The titanium-cased G-10 comes with an NBR (rubber) strap having carbon fibre inlay on top with stitching, and water resistance is at 5 atm.








(Pics from i.pinimg.com/originals and, bottom, ablogtowatch.com)




The second variety of G-10 wristwatch is the all-sapphire model, following the same shape as the titanium variety and challenging once again the notion that only super-high luxury brands can produce such watches in all-sapphire form. The G-10 casing is completely transparent and is complemented by a translucent rubber strap. The “Pure Sapphire” model of the G-10 apparently has the most complex sapphire watch case ever assembled, with 68 individual facets and 144 edges, each hand-finished from a single solid block of pure sapphire crystal in a process lasting 100 hours. Each sapphire case is then treated with five layers of anti-reflective coating before being finally and thickly coated with transparent ceramic for enhanced appearance and toughness.







(Pics, from top down: i.ytimg.com, ablogtowatch.com, and Indiegogo at c1.iggcdn.com)




To enhance integration of the design, the Aventi G-10 in both titanium and all-sapphire forms has its crown at 12 o’clock rather than at the side of the case, and case size is a substantial 48.5 X 55.5 X13.5 mm. The watch has a fully skeletonized movement with bold bridges and featuring two hefty barrels which are visible and which provide the watch with a power reserve of 72 hours. The signature tourbillon sits in the 3 o’clock position on the dial and is nicely visible. The actual dial itself is a network of bridges connecting the movement to a multi-layer suspended ring containing the minutes track. These elements are in bare brilliant metal for the all-sapphire model of the G-10 and in a mix of black and the case colour for the titanium version. The two dauphine hands, for the minutes and the hours, are skeletonized and lumed at their tips; the G-10 is a “simple” two-hand timekeeper. The movement in the G-10 is a modified and skeletonized Caliber 3450 hand-wind tourbillon movement with 22 jewels, running at 28,800 bph, and is apparently carefully tested and examined for each watch to ensure utmost quality and accuracy combined with excellent value for money.

As far as buying the AS-10 is concerned, the proposed prices for “early birds” in March of this year, just before the debut on Indiegogo, were $2,800 for the sapphire model and $999 for the titanium-cased colourways. Then, in an article dating to 24 April, the prices were apparently $1,099 (discounted from $2,000) for the titanium model and $3,300 (discounted from $5,000). Finally the Aventi website, with its fancy “concierge” booking system, states that prices are now from $1,999.







 (Pics, from top down: Indiegogo at c1.iggcdn.com, cdn.shopify.com, and ablogtowatch.com)




My own reservations about the Aventi G-10 are primarily aesthetic rather than financial or technical; nevertheless, there is a smouldering question over whether in truth, you get what you pay for in terms of the watch and/or the movement. It is likely that in terms of pricing, Aventi have started well and they seem to have succeeded in their primary goal of undercutting similarly specified Swiss luxury watches in price; the firm should therefore be acquiring customers from a wide variety of financial backgrounds, including watch collectors, even though prices seem to already be rising sharply. I have to add a caveat here because I am not convinced that the Chinese-made tourbillon in the G-10 is of the same reliability/accuracy as those produced by luxury Swiss watch companies, and this quality difference could mean that the G-10 is not quite such a bargain after all.

For me personally, the G-10 doesn’t hugely appeal, partly because of its clumsy size and shape and partly because of a certain ostentatiousness in its design; the G-10 is a watch and not a "supercar for the wrist"; it is meant to be worn on the wrist and not on the road, and it has none of the design flare seen in the finest supercars. I would have preferred it if Aventi had chosen to produce a more subtle, more beautiful, and more wearable, tourbillon wristwatch (including an all-sapphire version) while still keeping prices low - surely, superior aesthetics do not have to imply increased production costs. Having said that, I am aware that my own views will not be those of everyone, and the Aventi G-10 will surely appeal to many less pecunious luxury-hunters for whom this more affordable and strikingly bold tourbillon watch will be irresistible, especially perhaps when the watch is cased in pure sapphire crystal.

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49 minutes ago, GASHEAD said:

As promoted by Producer Michael on YouTube I believe. Could be incredible value it's just a shame they are so goddamn butt ugly.

Saw these that time also. I think they are good value, but the size and look is real marmite. Just to note, the timekeeping tolerances on this movement are similar to seiko 5's. 

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sorry if i offend and i am sure technically they are good , but especially the clear one looks like something from a happy meal or am i being a bit harsh today :biggrin:



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The clear one is horrible. You’d have to be a man mountain to be able to wear something that big and not look ridiculous. Clearly a very technical and intricate piece but not sure the looks are for me

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