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Where are they now?

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1 hour ago, Roger the Dodger said:

Thanks, Zen...I must admit I'd forgotten about that one. I might have got it from another PW fan in Canada, @James, I think...he hasn't posted in ages...he was very ill and I fear the worst ...:( It was James that sold me my first PW, the Waltham full hunter that Steve (@AVO) has now.


I must have been nuts selling that boxed Hamilton, but obviously something else was calling...maybe the Rolex GMT or the SMP. Once I left the Freemasons, my interest in PWs declined dramatically, though I still have my rare Masonic Elgin PW in a 'green gold' case.....this has Masonic symbols instead of numbers...and still for sale...PM if interested.


I have had the pocket watch for years now and to be honest, I have had a few pocket watches since but that one is going nowhere, that and a key wind one that I have still get used from time to time.  I am very sorry to hear about the original owner though.

Yes I do remember when you were selling off some of your stuff from your Masonic times I also bought a sterling silver fob from you too.

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7 hours ago, WRENCH said:

Maybe seems a bit strange, but when I get rid of something, I delete the pics, otherwise I'm likely to regret moving them on at a later date.

I used to delete all pics of past watches, as, like you I felt that once it was gone, it was gone. However, just before Photobucket went off the rails, I downloaded all my albums and stored them in folders on my PC. A few years ago, while idly looking through them, I found a lot of forgotten pics, some of which were of watches long gone. I decided to keep at least one pic of departed watches as a reminder for the future, and uploaded the appropriate ones to my gallery here. Sadly, the boxed Hamilton PW pictured above is one of the very few that I don't have any pics of now, along with a couple of others, namely a Seiko 'Landshark' and a Seiko 'Bellmatic'.

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I am sad enough to keep a spreadsheet of all of the watches I've owned since I started on this madness in Feb 2013. 


Gone and missed are these:

Breitling SuperOcean. Owned it twice, in fact. 


Little Bulova Accutron


Blue-dialled Stargate






Polar Explorer II



X-33 gen 1



Orsa Sea Angler



The one I miss most? Bizarrely this Kronos Diver. 


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Referring back to the post about my downloaded Photobucket pics, I found a couple more from the days gone by. One is a better pic of the 1st generation Seiko Orange monster...

Seiko Orange Monster SKX781

...and a pic of my Bulova Accutron 'Deep Sea'. I obtained this watch from Dave (@martinus_scriblerus), one of our US friends, while it was in the UK being serviced by @Silver Hawk.

Mach @mach 0.0013137  would often say the 666 on the dial made it the Devils watch! :laughing2dw:

Bulova Accutron 'Deep Sea'.

Finally, my Seiko SKX 009. I bought this new in 2009, the year I started here. In this pic, I had changed the oyster bracelet for a shark mesh, but it went back on the oyster when I sold it. That shark mesh is now on my Apeks.

Seiko SKX009

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