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WRUW - Tuesday 26th May 2020


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One of my favourite 'space' watches - it has no AR so when I look at it I see a little study in rapture beaming back at me, too.


Strapsco one piece strap.

Because when you are in zero G you need lots of keepers and a really big buckle.


Have a VERY good day.

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Steel-cased, 1950s and running on a 15j Cupillard 233. Although somewhat unexciting, it could be useful if your name happens to be Sim and prone to occasional bouts of forgetfulness........

I have no doubt that today’s effort was made in France, but I’ve never been able to find a record of any French maker to whom it can be attributed.


SIM after 2 v.2.jpg

SIM Cupillard 233 after 2 v.2.jpg

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17 minutes ago, spinynorman said:


Shamelessly stolen from Twitter.

I used to live and work in Barnard Castle, it's a beautiful place...so glad that a certain person has put it on the map :biggrin:

In another news update...Douglas Ross the junior minister, and MP for Moray has resigned over 'Demonic Commons' making the trip to Barnard Castle. This means that Mr Ross will not have to travel from Moray to London as the internet isn't fast enough in his Alves home (Mr Ross made this 500+mile trip because his internet was too slow at home) This resignation will allow Mr Ross concentrate on more important political work...like being a football referee.

I'm good at remembering faces...and I know both of his.:biggrin: 


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Quick change into my 'loose change' watch, can't praise the people on here who pointed out the quality is not quite up to the standard of a watch costing 200 times more, or the chaps at Stuhrling who refunded my money without me even asking.  Would definitely buy from them again.

But I do have to search my guests for magnifying glasses before I let them in the house while I am wearing it, in case they go full Acorn Antiques on me, too.



Have a VERY good day!

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I'm wearing a watch today...(images to follow)

I may post images today, but it...

Yes I know it rhymes :biggrin:

Stay safe, stay home, wear watches. (the last bit is not UK government advice, but a mate told me that wearing a watch can protect you from Covid-19, I'm not sure who to believe anymore, but I'm giving it a go)

Have a great day guys.

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Titoni earlier, and a quick change to this this afternoon. After a small parcel from FedEx this morning, Jon Mac of Traska, true to his word had shipped out a new bracelet piece to me.

It sounds like there have been a few people with issues with the bracelet screws which thankfully seems to have been rectified. It seems the thread lock used was a little too strong, or that people were not aware as this was not stated anywhere and had some snap.

Anyway without further ado, the Traska Summiteer now with bracelet (though the leather seemed to suit it perfectly too). I am noticing its on the wrist now but love the look.


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