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Favre Leuba - ESA 942711

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Hello everyone, this is my first ever post to your website.

For years now I've always been a fan of Swiss mechanical "Favre Leuba" watches.

I didn't know that Favre Leuba had made  LCD quartz watches!

Well, when I saw this on eBay I just had to buy it even though it wasn't working.

When I first opened the watch I found that the 2 1.5v batteries had both positives facing upward! there was a small amount of corrosion below them.

I then gave the watch a full strip down and a good clean using alcohol with a fibre brush.

Put it back together with the batteries in the correct orientation and sadly it's not working ☹️


So my next thought was to check the soldered joints using a volt meter and I've attached my findings

There are two joints giving out readings of 0.15v

I'm not electronically minded, could this be the reason that my watch isn't working? 

Any other thoughts why it's not working would be greatly appreciated.





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That's a nice clear picture so I'm sure somebody will be able to help. If it's the Oscillator I'm not sure how easy a fix/spare will be but good luck :thumbsup:

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Hi everyone,

An update on my Happy watch face


Before I went to bed last night I'd placed the watch face onto the movement - Got up this morning and LOOK - I'm bamboozled !!!

Anyway all I need to do now is to solder back on, the stop watch push button contact leg that I broke of accidentally.

It's going to be a bit tricky to solder back on because of it's minute size and the fact that I've never done any soldering before.

On completion of the repair and after a cosmetic clean and polish of the watch case and strap I'll post a picture for you all to see.


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Bad news guys, my leg keeps dropping off!

Can't solder for the life in me

I need a new leg contact or to buy a new doner ESA 942.711 movement

Anyone got one?

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