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10 hours ago, Jonesinamillion said:

I know I know... but look at it!!!


48 minutes ago, deano1956 said:

obnly thing i am not sure on is the plain outer dial?, await pictures :thumbsup:

I quite like the simple bezel. Probably more useful in real life ( yeah I know - don't laugh) that the boring cluttered dive bezel more commonly seen.


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I had been looking at these in the past I think they have a UK dealer, like you say the price put me off a bit I am not sure what it is with micro brands these days but the prices are certainly pushing up to mainstream brand prices.  I always thought the point of a micro brand is you are cutting out a lot of the cost of the middle man so you are getting a quality product at less the price.

There are a few of the new Seiko 5 series that look very similar to their watches.

Post some pictures when it arrives though, look forward to seeing it.

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I think it’s a very nice watch and I’m sure you’ll enjoy owning it.

As for the movement, I have a Seiko Divers with the NH36 (or their in-house equivalent) and with a bit of regulating (leaving crown up when not worn) averages 7 secs/day.

So you don’t need an expensive Swiss movement to get good accuracy

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On 08/06/2020 at 22:09, Jonesinamillion said:

VERY VERY VERY excited to get my grubby mitts on it.

Yes it does look good. Personally I don't have a problem with price regarding the Seiko NH35, a movement that has been branded "workhorse" can't be a bad thing. I've got two "microbrands" with them fitted and both run within +5 s a day. :toot:

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The lines of the case are stunning, the overhang on the fine coin edged bezel is sublime, tbe strap is perfect for the watch (satin & robust, think military boots), caseback is nicely decorated individually numbered 223/400, the lume is perfect white and glows like a furnace, the crown is nicely recessed in the guard and detailing is subtle, the pelicase is not a cheapo,  its feels weighty and quality, size is perfect and it sits well even on new leather, the polishing gives a silky appearance to the case, bezel action is smooth and reassuring, feels every inch a 700 quid watch (with an NH35).

In short,  I love it and it's simply the cleanest looking timepiece I've ever seen!

Not the best photos by any stretch....







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  • 7 months later...

Just gonna bump this thread because.....

I love Unimatic watches!


I've just ordered this!




I'm hoping it's worth the 200 quid it cost me, seems v v expensive to me but the proof will be in the pudding.


Bear with me here, I know it's a lot of money but it's a special watch only its VERY VERY BLACK, like unbearably & noticablly black, makes it somewhat unbearable in certain instances.


I'm thinking this SS bravely will make it inherently more versatile... I can put it back on its gorgeous, thick, black leather offering for more information occasions.


I'm gonna end up with a nice solid but special and unique daily beater on stainless (I hope!)

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