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So what’s the one watch even if bought as a gift wouldn’t even go on the wrist?


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49 minutes ago, Grand Old Duke said:

Skeleton watches for me for the fact they are hard to read and for me just look ugly. 

Definitely, I’d forgotten these, horrible, I get people like to see the workings but it really doesn’t do it for me. 

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Just now, Grand Old Duke said:

That said I love to see the workings through an open case back, maybe I'm just strange. 

True I also like the glass back, I think maybe it’s respect for the work, and the fact you cant see a watch battery so feels special being auromatic

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There are loads of watches i *want* to like (e.g. Longines - love the history, hate the designs) but in general.

Quartz analog watches - that ticking second hand just kills it for me.

Quartz in general - I have a phone and fitness band for that kind of thing. I wear a watch for the engineering and romance.

Bejewelled monstrosities - too much bling makes it look fake unless you are getting out of a chrome wrapped lambo.

Anything too hard to read - Mr Jones watches are a prime example of this - tiny hidden numbers, not for me.

Try hard fashion brands - I own an AX chrono - it was a gift - i stopped wearing it as soon as I got an auto.

Anything under 40mm - looks like a kids watch on my wrist.

Other than that I'm pretty easy 

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A bracelet! I just don't like them. Luckily they are easily swappable, so I could keep the watch and swap to a nice rubber (casual) or leather (formal) strap. 


There are several watches I love, but would be reluctant to wear in public, such as the Ulysse Nardin Freak Out or the Omega Ploprof. 

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On 28/06/2020 at 21:50, Nick Parr 1977 said:

Why not CW, my far far from expert opinion is they are a solid British brand, Have I fallen pray to marketing?

Yes, they are Anglo-Swiss. Hence the two flags motif. 

A brand I don't get is Nomos. And no, I can't explain it. 

There are a few newer very high end brands whose designs generally leave me cold as well. 

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2 hours ago, julian2002 said:

I hate to blanket hate a brand. I rather like the classic fusion myself...

Hublot Classic Fusion Blue Titanium 542.NX.7170.LR 42mm | Luxury ...


IF the screw heads were aligned.

I’m afraid I’ve just never yet seem a Hublot that I’ve liked. If that ever changes I’ll be the first to put my hands up.

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I love my Hublot. Carbon fibre case and the UNICO is the first in house movement from Hublot. Chronograph, flyback, date, quick release strap and extremely comfortable to wear.

Not cheap at circa £15k these days but it’s definitely one of my top 5 watches in the collection:



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