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Seiko Automatic Divers 200m


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Hello All,

I would really appreciate some advice please on the following:

I have an older Seiko Divers 200m 7S26 - 0020 which has stopped working.  The bezel appears to be stuck and the red and blue colouring is very faded.  

I've become quite attached to the watch and was wondering what the approximate cost might be to service/refurbish?  I suppose what I'm trying to ascertain is would it be cost effective to repair or should i consider buying a replacement?  I'm always keen on the former whenever possible!

Many thanks.

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Yes it will be possible to service and refurbish. You can either give it a full makeover with a new crystal, new bezel insert and a case refurbish or you can get it working again and free up the bezel and leave it with its lived in look.

I prefer the latter personally

Price wise around £120 at an independent watch repairer or more for a full makeover 

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Keep the bezel insert though. I love it when they go all faded. The bezel probably just needs a clean.

If you send it to Seiko they chuck the old movement and whack a new one in there, but they'll try and replace everything else at the same time.

Duncan The Watch Bloke is a Seiko man:


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Sorting the bezel shouldnt be too hard, just pop it off with a proper bezel tool and some elbow grease then you will be able to see whatever your woes are but a clean and some silicon grease should sort it for you worst case scenarion you may need a new spring click which are cheap as chips and as easy as anything to replace as i highly doubt the bezel or case will be the problem.

Those 7s26 movements are essentially dispoosable, any half way competent watch repairer/maker/jeweler will be able to switch that over for you and probably for alot less money than Seiko will charge.

The other option is to just do it yourself, as long as your patient then changing out a 7s26 for a replacement or even upgrading to an NH series movement is not that difficult and the cost of parts and replacement movement for that would come to well under £100

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