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Caller (aka Phil)

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Just letting you all know that he’s in hospital at the moment with a very unpleasant leg infection and limited internet access. He did say he doesn’t mind me mentioning this on the forum as he knows I’m active on here.


Let’s all wish him a speedy recovery and if anybody is trying to get hold of him online please be patient.

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Sorry to hear this...get well soon, Phil...and hope Pam is bearing up in the absence of 'real' fish 'n' chips, eaten in a cagoule,...in the UK,... in the rain,...(and not looking very impressed!) :laughing2dw:


Seriously though, chap...thinking of you. Speedy recovery, and get back to Pam and the watches, asap.  :thumbsup:

EDIT:...Especially Pam...she's the most important. The watches don't really matter. :yes: 

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I beleive phil had a footy injury and was on crutches. Way back in the 80s. Like my dad had in the 60s. Maybe its a result of that old injury. Maybe we should all make a £5 contribution to the forum tonight or tomorrow maybe? In support of his contribution? It was phil's posts here that lead me to buy my longines hydroconquest in 15. The rest is history ive kept coming back ever since. Lets all give a fiver help the forum as a thanks to phil. He always has a balanced view and approach and ive appreciated that. Im sure ive upset him many times, but he has singularly remained fair and objective, even  in Politics Despite the twists and his beliefs...it was only Phil who saw the reality of what i was saying for good and bad and reach a reasoned conclusion and i thank you phil for that now...and last year. 

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Hello everyone, thanks for the kind (and humerous) comments and thanks to Irfan for posting this and for coming to visit me in hospital. 

I had a pretty nasty case of cellulitis with a huge ulcer, which was already being treated in hospital, thankfully, when it almost in a nano-second, became a lot more serious as the right leg, including the ankle to almost the knee, just changed to a black bluey colour and within hours, I was having surgery where they cut away the dead and infected body matter. The operation was a success and I remember coming around and checking I still had tootsies on the end of a foot! That was on the 15th July and I am still in hospital. 

Luckily, they quickly identified the bacteria responsible and attacked it with the right antibiotic via hour upon hour of me being on a drip as well as directly via injections. then just by antibiotic drip which only stopped 2 days ago. My blood infection level was at one stage well over 300 but that soon came down to 76 and eventually both the wound and I became an infection free zone. 

Tomorrow when they de-vacuum the wound and clean it, a plastic surgeon will be present to check if it is now ready for a skin graft. I hope so as that is the beginning of the end. 

Pam and her family have been unbelievably brilliant throughout and I can't thank them enough. 

Anyway, I look forward to catching up on all the forums news over the next few days and contributing as well. I have missed coming here but have to limit my time on-line - to rest apparently. All I do is eat, sleep and you know what! 

Thanks again for all the best wishes. 

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