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Two of my favourite, but different, divers


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It has to be said that out of my current crop of divers these two seem to be very much my favourites. 

They are a Borealis Oceanaut & an Armida A7. I've had the Borealis a couple of years (at least) now & it's developed a rich dark patina whilst I've only had the Armida a few weeks so it has yet to develop any significant patina (though it's certainly less shiny than it was & I can see a hint of copper by the 7 o'clock lug). I'm not going to try ageing it with various pungent chemical solutions (as some do) but let it develop naturally over time whilst being worn & enjoyed as I have with the Borealis. I wasn't a great fan of brass/bronze cases when they first came out but the Borealis was such an unusual design (though I think it's "based" on a certain Anonimo design) that I was intrigued enough to buy one despite the case material. I've worn the watch loads over the years & I've enjoyed seeing how the colour/finish has changed. I'm looking forward to the same happening with the Armida.

Anyway here are two similar yet totally different divers watches - both favourites & both keepers  :clap::thumbs_up:   





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I wasn't a huge fan of brass/bronze either, but after getting my Armida A1, I really like the aged look of them. My initial reticence was not beinga fan of gold watches, which for a short time, these look like to the untrained eye. For that reason I must admit to cheating a little bit, and had the case suspended over a small pot of vinegar for a few hours, which took the edge of the shinyness, until my own chemical aura could take over!

That Borealis is really lovely, the coffee colour of the patina is fantastic - and though you say it's a keeper - should you ever change your mind... :whistle:



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6 minutes ago, WRENCH said:

Did it come with a brass bezel ?

The watch came as the full set so the extra brass bezel, straps etc were all included. However the ceramic bezel was already fitted & I liked it so didn't feel like fitting the other.

Having said that I don't want to use chemicals to speed up the ageing process, I may have a go with the spare bezel just to see what sort of results I get. I have access to various chemicals at work (acids, alkalis etc) so I may try experimenting with some solutions of those (when I actually get back to work that is). Maybe a bit of internet research is required.

Thanks for your feedback :thumbs_up:

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22 minutes ago, pauluspaolo said:

Having said that I don't want to use chemicals to speed up the ageing process

Let it go naturally. I wear mine in all weather's, and after a year on, it takes on its own subtle patina. I prefer the case shape and no date on the Armidia.

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