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Hey guys been offered a fairly good deal on a brand new Rado Diamaster Automatic Ceramic and titanium which is just under half the retail price of £2230.

Looks amazing and comes unworn in the box with the full set. What are ceramic watches like to wear for day to day use any concern about them getting chipped if it gets the odd knock although I do try and be careful with my watches?

Is there any love for Rado watches 9on here?

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I have a few older Rado ceramic watches and not one has a chip on them.  They are super tough, but they do lose a lot of money from new so make sure the deal you get is very sharp.

I also have a ceramic Braun, and one bracelet link snapped clean in half.  Of course it was the unique one near the lugs, but this happened in the post on the way to a customer and the parcel may have been drop kicked.

And Ceramic watches and bracelets love fingerprints!

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Don't have a ceramic Rado, but do have a couple of their other watches, love them both, think they are well made watches, really happy with the quality.

Rado 'Captain Cook' R32505203 {Cal: ETA C07.611(Base ETA 2824-2)}

Rado 'Captain Cook' {Cal C07.611(Base ETA 2824-2)}

Rado 'HyperChrome' Automatic R32115113  {Rado Cal: 658 (ETA 2824-2)}

Rado HyperChrome  {Cal 658 (ETA 2824-2)}


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1 hour ago, carlgulliver said:

Thanks for the input guys.

The price I was offered was £995 is that a good deal do you think? 

Love that captain cool looks fantastic 

I suppose it's up to you really, Obviously it's a good discount from the RRP, which is always good. Have seen some Diamasters on TK Maxx recently round about the same price range or slightly less depending on the model, if I remember correctly, something like £799, £899 & £999 were the prices depending on model, was really tempted myself, they had one like this at Jura https://www.jurawatches.co.uk/collections/rado-watches/products/rado-watch-diamaster-xl-r14073162-rdo-310  for was either £899 or £999 but I had just bought another watch so didn't have the funds at the time.

There's a Xl on ebay at £875 at the moment.


Think it just depends, if you really like the watch and are happy with the seller and price, but if unsure but would still like to get a Rado you just need to be patient as Rado watches always seem to feature in the sales throughout the year.


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6 hours ago, Graham60 said:

Rado 'Captain Cook' R32505203 {Cal: ETA C07.611(Base ETA 2824-2)}

Rado 'Captain Cook' {Cal C07.611(Base ETA 2824-2)}


Now THAT ^ is a beauty :notworthy:

To me, a ceramic Rado doesn't look like a 2 grand watch, and even if you can get it at £995 I still don't think it looks worth the money.  Obviously my opinion is purely based on looks, and I have no personal experience of them.  Only you can decide if it offers "value for money"

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Echoing Scott, as I am only familiar with their older models. 


All super watches and distinctive, hard wearing and likeable... But don't buy one if you think you will ever sell it.. They are hard to shift and retain hardly any value. 


I still can't help liking them though. 

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