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Harrow nauticus

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I feel that I have seen it all before, like groundhog day but with a differently named near-identical watch each time...  I so wanted the guy to say, "born in Britain, made in BRITAIN".

Sorry if I am being a bit mean here; I hope that the limited time discount price represents good value for money. Just one other thing; why does the commentator keep saying "Nauticus" when the watch is named "Nautica" on the dial?


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I think for a Sellita powered sapphire crystal watch £299 is a good price.

Its a nice watch - but unfortunately it doesn't grab me in anyway. 

According to the Kickstarter - the watch is called 'Nauticus' what they say is named after legal case of Stena Nautica (No.2) - which let's face it isn't the most widely known of cases and doesn't have anything to do with watches - so that in itself seems a bit bizarre.

But as  Always Watching points out - the name on the Dial says Nautica.

In one of the replies to a question they say Nauticus is a masculine variant of Nautica - but it doesn't explain the discrepancy between the name on the dial and what they actually say the name is.

I hate to say it - but I get the feeling they're watch fans who have the desire to make their won watch - but probably not the experience in doing so. So in my mind they, and their backers, may find out its not all 'plain sailing' (to stick with the nautical theme :swoon:).

In fact, given the price, I wonder if they're selling at a loss!?



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Hi everyone,

I have just stumbled upon this thread about my project from last summer and I appreciate your honest comments!

We have come a long way since launching this campaign and are gearing up to launch the Nauticus (Mark II) in July 2021. More details here: harrowwatches.co.uk/nauticus 

I would be interested to know your thoughts.

All the best,


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Have to say that I quite like the watch even though it's nothing really new. 

What bugs me though is the blurb on the website saying that it's inspired by the architecture of London with hands that were inspired b the shard. How can a watch - & a divers watch at that - be inspired by land locked/based architecture? If you'd said inspired by the exploits of English channel swimmers then I might have found it a bit easier to swallow - at least that way it's water/sea based! Sorry but why can't you say we're British watch enthusiasts & wanted to make a divers watch that was designed in Britain & cut out all the BS!?

I like it but not sure I'm in the market for yet another divers watch right now - I wish you all the very best in what is now a pretty crowded marketplace :thumbs_up:  

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Hi Paul,

Thank you for your candour - I appreciate it!

I supposed the crux of it is that we are a London based brand and, long term, we want to take inspiration from London’s architecture for all out watches. 

London‘s history, specifically the London docklands, has strong links to the sea and perhaps we can do better to tie this into our identity, particularly when it comes to our dive range.

I hope in the summer you find yourself in the position to need another dive watch. We have some independent reviews on the way soon so perhaps that could tempt you :thumbsup:

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It's a perfectly decent, pleasant looking divers watch. But there are so many out there.

But my big bug bear,  which is a very personal thing, is this 'British design - Swiss made' thing, which nearly every new start up in the UK seems to come out with.  It was original when CW did it years ago, but it's a tag line that is well past it's sell by date.

Say 'all British made'  and I'm in.  Buy the best movement from wherever for the job in hand and I'm in (bar Chinese). But some opaque reference to 'Swiss made' and I'm out.




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