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Raybans or Oakley

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My Raybans got savaged by Big M's daughters mutt and I've been looking for another pair. I have pretty much worn Raybans for as long as I can remember and always thought Oakley's considering what the cost somehow felt a bit cheap. 

I can replace my Predators like for like but I've seen a couple of pairs of Oakley that I like the look of. 

Any Oakley wearers out there, are the worth the extra couple of quid. 






Or another pair of Predators

Can't make my mind up and no I won't buy all three even Big M won't fall for that one and cough up that sort of money. 

:laughing2dw: :laughing2dw:


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Have tried the brands you mention above, & others. 

Although I now wear prescription spectacles with transition lenses, always have a pair of Polaroid Vision One for when driving or strolling about in bright light.

Polaroid's (own brand) for effectiveness & comfort :wheelchair: beats all the others for me.  Think my last pair cost under £50 ?




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Had my Ray-Bans for 4 or 5 years now and think they’re a cracking pair of shades. Prior to that, had several pairs of Oakleys, mainly frog skins and full metal jackets, but just grew out of them! :wheelchair:

For wearing in the mountains - hillwalking and skiing bluebird days, then Cebe were my preferred brand. 

I’d stick with the ‘Bans. 




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Back in the day when I smoked Malboro reds, you could get a free pair of Rayban Wayfarers (James Bond sunnies) by sending in several pack tops. I had about 3 pairs at one time. You could also get a Malboro branded Zippo lighter, again just for sending in a few pack tops. I had quite a few of them, too. These days, I wear Bloc.


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46 minutes ago, BondandBigM said:

The last time I went skiing I nearly broke my neck. 

Possibly my vision was impaired by the derigure Bollé's that the ski set are so fond of. 



I've generally looked down on skiers, quite literally, with my Bollé sunglasses :biggrin:

Having said that, the last time I went climbing wearing them I very nearly fell to my death!
It wasn't the fault of the glasses I hasten to add.

How about Julbo?

As to pure fashion, I have no clue :laugh:

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Both good. I like the classic aviator style because you get good all-round coverage. I keep a pair of brown tinted Ray-Bans in the car and have a pair of grey tinted Oakleys (slightly darker lenses) for when I’m out and about, on holiday etc. I usually buy them when I’m bored at the airport!

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6 hours ago, Iceblue said:

They are all so yesterday Tom Ford is the way forward lol 

I suppose you could put forward the fashion argument, like watches there is nothing wrong with some Fashion watches I have a box full but with the likes of Tom Ford their core business is clothes. I have a superb pair of titanium framed Armani sunglasses.


On the other hand Oakley and Ray-Bans principal core business despite what the naysayers call out as overpriced (a bit like Rolex) is eye wear which they do rather well.

Just as an asides the boy in the shop said I can get my old chewed Ray-Bans reframed and for a surprisingly reasonable price. I wonder if the fashion houses offer that service.

Hey Ho each to their own when I lose, sit on, drive over, leave them on a pub table, feed to a dog my Oakleys I might consider some Tom Fords

:laughing2dw: :laughing2dw:





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Late to the party but see you went Oakley. For a brand that makes optics I can't complain at mine. The clarity and toughness of the lenses is far superior to a number of other big brands I've owned (though never Ray Ban).

My current Oakley are black on black, and I swapped the lenses out a few times for fun with cheaper ones. They looked good (taste is relative...) but the plain black lenses unassuming and prefect for most occasions

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A quick update, in the shop it was difficult to tell but on wearing them for a bit initially they felt a bit uncomfortable compared to my Raybans but I'd worn the same Preditor style probably for about ten years or more so had just got used to them. After a couple of days I got used to the Oakley's and other minor issue is that the lenses aren't as dark as the Raybans. 

The Raybans come better packaged with a nice fairly hard leather case and cleaning cloth where as the Oakley's just have a soft nylon drawstring bag with no cloth. As usual imho the Raybans generally feel a bit more sturdy than the Oakley's but they are still a decent quality bit of kit and slightly cheaper than the Raybans were. 

Time will tell


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54 minutes ago, BondandBigM said:

Doesn't feel like the sort of material you would clean glasses with. 

Perhaps different to the one that I have then. Black with a white drawstring and little Oakley tag sewn into the corner?

This thing https://www.shadestation.co.uk/designer-sunglasses/Oakley/Sunglass-Cases/06-610?aff=aff10&currency=GBP&gclid=CjwKCAjwps75BRAcEiwAEiACMZY40P9TeDdjYsRBhOe6pcvt6Dq4-ZXlGNUQSUC80fM5pty0On8LixoCfO0QAvD_BwE

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